Mississippi Shuffle

Sunday, September 1, Bonnie, Rebecca and I worshipped with two churches in Mississippi over the course of the day. In the absence of brother Mike Schmitz, I taught class (Bible Geography/Maps) and preached during worship (“The Purpose of Preaching”) at the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County. Immediately upon the conclusion of morning worship there, we three promptly made our way to the West President St. Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS, Leflore County. We participated with the congregation in a fellowship meal, after which, I preached at the 1:30 p.m. service (“The Purpose of Preaching”). From there after worship, the three of us returned to Bonnie and my residence in Winona, MS, Montgomery County, where we rest for about an hour. At 5 p.m., we were back at the Old Union congregation for evening Bible class; on that occasion I taught Buckets of Bible Time for half the period and finished out the class with discussing the purpose, quality of and cessation of Bible miracles.

The cumulative effect of chemo on Bonnie made for a very tiring day with little opportunity for respite. Sunday evening, Bonnie ran a low fever. She recovered overnight and returned to the office Monday (Labor Day). The Hopkins family stopped by to retrieve several boxes of literature to a foreign bound transport to a container in Texas. Betty Choate fixed lunch for all of us.

Bonnie and I finished out the day at the office, and then returned to the house, whereupon we continued to work on projects (e.g., Gospel Gazette Online). The primary late afternoon tasks were purchasing my airfare to Myanmar for this fall and renting an automobile at the Pittsburgh, PA airport for our 10-day jaunt in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia; I will speak numerous times while in that region. Slowly and gradually, I am completing several tasks, among numerous digital notes posted on my computer’s desktop. There remain several time sensitive tasks deserving of their own specialized attention. However, I always want to feel useful and would quickly grow bored if not so involved.



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