East Tennessee Outing #1

Bonnie and I arrived at the comfortable home of Robert and Barbara Wright on Saturday afternoon. Predictably and to our pleasure, Outback Steakhouse was our supper venue. We are indebted to brother and sister Wright for their tireless hospitality and participation with us in our ministry for our Lord.

Sunday morning, it was my pleasure to make our PowerPoint presentation about our 2012-2013 Mission Trips during the Bible class of the Central Church of Christ in Cleveland, TN. During worship, I preached Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship? This is a lesson needed periodically for a number of reasons (e.g., newer, younger generations need to be taught; all of us need to be reminded; central to the sermon is an emphasis on biblical authority and correct biblical interpretation as well as the relationship of the testaments to each other). We were well received by the minister, elders and members.

After morning worship, we accompanied the Wrights to lunch at Olive Garden – our second visit to the chain in three days, when we haven’t visited it previously for maybe a year or so. We finally found a meal there that we really like – and like to divide between the two of us. Also present for lunch was brother Scott Medlin, deacon of missions.

Bonnie and I spent the afternoon relaxing at the Wright home prior to making our way to our next appointment. Immediately before parting company with them, they treated us to pie. When brethren spend time together, they eat! We have found this to be true stateside and abroad.

Bonnie and I arrived at the meetinghouse of the Ooltewah Church of Christ around 5:30 p.m. in preparation for 6 p.m. worship. As usual, Bonnie set out the display and gifts of tracts, books, newsletters, magazines, etc., while I set up PowerPoint equipment in the auditorium. Once more, I narrated our 2012-2013 Mission Trips. Brethren here, too, were ever so kind to us. Then, we supped with Winston and Cathy Stringfield in their home, where we also lodged for the night.

Both congregations and members from both congregations not only encourage us greatly, but they make it possible for Bonnie and me to do what we do for the Lord by their financial participation. We are extremely grateful for each member of both churches.

Monday, we spent all day driving back to Winona, MS. We had completed a big, big circle when we passed the Natchez Trace junction with US 82. We have a short week in Winona, as we leave Thursday afternoon for Jackson, MS in preparation for an early morning PET scan for Bonnie, followed by her chemo treatment. Then, we will head back to Tennessee for the Polishing the Pulpit program, in which both of us will be participating. Therefore, Tuesday through Thursday, we will be preparing for our trip, to include packing the van with books, magazines and displays. This weekend was East Tennessee Outing #1, which will be followed on the next weekend with East Tennessee Outing #2 for August 2013.

It is no wonder that our poor car is blinking dash lights at us and bucking a little; one would think we were sailing instead of driving as we are taking on (AC) water, too, and the local garage cannot correct that issue. I suppose at about 172,000 miles we can expect the repair list to increase from time to time. Bonnie and I may be slowed a smidgen with her illness, and our car too with wear and tear, but we and our Gospel chariot will persevere until the end.

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