By Day & By Night

Voice of Truth, Vol. 77Our “Monday” was on Tuesday this week, or so it seemed, because we really spent Monday all day in the car making our way back to Winona from our weekend appointments in McMinnville, TN. By day Tuesday and Wednesday Bonnie worked on volume 78 of The Voice of Truth International; it takes a quarter of the year to prepare each new quarterly of 116 pages including the cover. I, on the other hand, primarily devoted my days between preparation of my visa application to Myanmar for my fall trip there and trying to put volume 77 of The Voice of Truth International to bed – again! It occurs to me that putting a publication “to bed” is somewhat like trying to put a small child in bed for the night, sometimes again, again and again. When the “proofs” arrived back in the office from the printing company, we discovered serious flaws; the conversion of our work to PDF files was faulty, and we had been unaware of that when we sent them to the printing company in South Carolina. We found irregular spacing within and between words as well as skewed justification.

The PDF files needed to be remade. However, upon remaking them, other errors appeared in text boxes on which special effects had been employed. Some of the errors were the invisible, unidentifiable computer program glitches, which baffle me and bring about not a little frustration. Then, the fonts failed to embed in the replacement document. I think that volume 77 is finally in bed. New proofs are coming, and we hope that they confirm that we are ready for production. Being humans here at World Evangelism, try as we do, we know that something(s) needing correction will have escaped our notice, but we do try to publish a handsome and useful Gospel journal – read all over the planet in English besides numerous foreign languages.

Tuesday evening, Bonnie and I were accompanied by our coworker Paula Bates to the Gospel meeting at Elliott, MS Church of Christ. Brother Joe Ruiz was the speaker, and we ate lunch with him and his wife Bonnie earlier in the day. Wednesday night, we three again attended an area Gospel meeting, this time at the Coffeeville, MS Church of Christ; Therman Hodge, good friend, preached. We misjudged the start time of the meeting and arrived near the end of a fellowship meal. Yes, we nibbled some. After services, the congregation hosted a homemade ice cream social, and yes, we imbibed – certainly more than this old, short and diabetic fat man ought to have. In addition to the ice cream, especially the yummy Butterfinger flavor, there was an awesome hot fudge and marshmallow crockpot cake that was very sumptuous (times 2 for me).

By day and by night, with bookends of activity on either side of those days, Bonnie and I keep ourselves busy. We try to make a difference for the Lord, and with the encouragement of brethren the world over, perhaps we can be found fruitful when our Lord returns or when our time here on earth comes to an end. May we and all other Christians make a happy pilgrimage from this temporary world to our eternal home.

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