A Sunday in McMinnville, Tennessee

Saturday, August 3, Bonnie and I made our way from Winona, MS to McMinnville, TN. Light to moderate rain punctuated the latter half of our trip through Alabama into Tennessee. Nevertheless, we concluded our 7-hour journey and deposited ourselves in the Best Western Inn. The distance between Winona and McMinnville is a little longer than six music CDs play.

After a slight rest of only 30 minutes, Bonnie was again ready to continue the adventure of the day. Our dear friends and brethren Ray and Charlotte Weddington picked us up at the hotel, and we proceeded to the local Subway restaurant. We gathered our sandwiches of choice, some chips and soft drinks before retreating to the Weddington’s home. Sister Charlotte and brother Ray stole a couple of hours away from caring for his ailing mother to spend a few moments with us. Then, they dropped us back at the hotel, where I looked over my Sunday lessons and we retired for the night.

Sunday morning, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Pleasant Cove Church of Christ. At the 9 a.m. Bible Class, I presented my PowerPoint about 2012-2013 Mission Trips. For worship, I preached Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship? Following worship, Bonnie and I enjoyed a congregational fellowship or potluck meal.

It is a rarity these days when we do not make a Wal-Mart run, and Bonnie and I did make a brief excursion to the local manifestation of the colloquial Wally World. With four hours before we needed to head for our evening appointment, Bonnie came up with the brilliant idea of camping out in the lobby of the local hospital; we have spent a lot of time in hospitals lately, and Bonnie’s notion provided for us comfortable seating and solitude as we were the only guests as well as reprieve from the heat of the day in the air conditioned lounge.

McMinnville, TNAfter two hours or so, we made our way to the meetinghouse of the West Riverside Church of Christ, also in McMinnville. Shortly before arriving there, we paused briefly at a riverside park and snapped some pictures. We were hardly dressed for a stroll, not to mention to cool our feet in those waters as several others opted to do that afternoon. Still early for the evening worship, we parked under the ample shade of trees, adjacent to a well-populated flower garden in the center of the asphalt lot. We opened the doors to let a gentle breeze sooth us as it passed through, and Bonnie rested.

It wasn’t long before brother Dorris Hughes, preacher for the congregation, arrived and admitted us to the meetinghouse. That evening, I again made my PowerPoint presentation about 2012-2013 Mission Trips. With the encouragement and financial participation of brethren such as those with whom we were at the two congregations in McMinnville that we visited, Bonnie and I are empowered to serve our dear Lord stateside and abroad with the Gospel.

Too far from Winona to make the trip that night after evening worship, we traveled in that direction anyway. We stopped for a burger meal at Dairy Queen in a town along the way; of course, we had to have a pecan cluster parfait apiece, too. Then, in Decatur, AL, we stopped for the night at the Best Western Inn.

Sunday, and then on Monday, the car had been bucking or jerking. We were unsure whether we would arrive in a timely fashion back in Winona or be stranded along the way. The van has 170,000 miles on it, and some things don’t work correctly any more. The engine light had come on for several days, though we had not a convenient time to address it, yet. However, we arrived back in Winona without incident around 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. We both rested.

One day to get there. One day in McMinnville. One day to get back. That’s how we often spend our weekends, but doesn’t everybody?

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