Deer Crossing Next 20 Miles!

Deer Crossing SignWe were barely inside Mesa Verde National Park when we came across a one of a kind sign – at least, Bonnie and I had never seen a sign exactly like it: “Deer Crossing Next 20 Miles.” That reminds me of a recommendation that our daughter Rebecca once made while visiting us in West Virginia a few years back when we lived there. Instead of the highway department saturating the state with signs like, “Curves Ahead Next 3 Miles,” she offered that West Virginia would be better off erecting signs at the state line advising traffic entering the state, “Curves Ahead Unless Otherwise Posted.” The “Deer Crossing Next 20 Miles” covered the length of Mesa Verde.

Bonnie & Louis RushmoreIn view of my bad knees and the effect of chemotherapy on Bonnie, we opted for a self-directed car tour of Mesa Verde. We didn’t want to crawl through tunnels, climb 60’ ladders and navigate numberless steps anyway. Still, we consumed most of the day driving through the park and stopping at most of the sites. Sometimes the stops were within sight of each other! Most of the time, we didn’t get very far from the car, though occasionally, we walked farther.

Cliff DwellingsWe observed the remains of pit houses, which were partially below the surface of the ground and would have been roofed. Bonnie and I also saw cliff dwellings as well as some other structures built above ground. In many ways, the sites reminded us of some types of dwellings we and other missionaries encounter abroad, and we imagined that the ancient homes of indigenous people in America resembled biblical era homes in Palestine.

The green tables (Mesa Verde) and other rock formations ever remind us of our Creator. In addition, everywhere we traveled this past week we could see the evidence of catastrophism in contrast to uniformitarianism. In other words, Bonnie and I recognized the handiwork of God (Psalm 19:1) in the formation and fashioning of our home planet.

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