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 No, we have not adopted some new, secular arrangement of the day of a week – like some modern calendars. We are simply picking up where we last left off in our blog entries. Monday evening, June 24, Betty Choate, Jerry and Paula Bates, Emmitt Channell, Rebecca Rushmore, and Bonnie and I ate together at our local Mexican restaurant. Brother Channell is a longtime Gospel preacher who was native to this part of Mississippi but who has preached in a number of places over the years, most notably in Pennsylvania. Bonnie and I have been acquainted with brother Emmitt for many years; it was a pleasure to have opportunity to enjoy his company even if only for a little while. He also brought a get well card from the Coventry Hills Church of Christ in Pottstown, PA where at different times brother Channel and I labored as ministers.

Get Well CardsOne day the same week, a passel of cards arrived from the Central Church of Christ in Cleveland, TN. Bonnie has been receiving get well cards daily from the time she was in the hospital last (April 4) through the present. We have not counted them, but the number of them represents ongoing encouragement by brethren as my dear wife battles pancreatic cancer.

This week continued to be a busy one as we have brought near to fruition the behind the scenes preparation for publication of Global Harvest, The Voice of Truth International, Gospel Gazette Online ( and over a dozen new tracts. At the office, at the house and in the cancer clinic Bonnie and I have laid out and proofed literature until we are loathe almost looking at any such text for a while. I published Gospel Gazette Online to the Internet this week, too – even before July arrived! A DVD of The Voice of Truth International layout is making its way to India for translation and publication there, too.

Sunnybrook Children's Home VisitorsWednesday, brethren Eric Dawkins and Moses Kendrick from Sunnybrook Children’s Home came to visit us in Winona. We provided literature for use by children as well as by residents at Sunnybrook’s retirement home, too. In addition, we helped brother Dawkins with literature for a small, struggling congregation with which he is laboring. Of course, we had a meal together – sandwiches and chips – at the World Evangelism Building.

Thursday, I had a doctor’s appointment in a series of doctor’s appointments. The good news was that tests largely determined that some of the minor, physical inconveniences I am experiencing are not attributable to cancer. However, one more precautionary test remains, but personnel inadvertently disposed of my specimen intended for that test; it will be a month before I can revisit the doctor’s office as I navigate through my calendar and the doctor’s next scheduled visit to the town north of Winona (where I see him usually).

Friday was consumed by our weekly trip to Jackson, MS for Bonnie’s chemotherapy. Bonnie’s good news is that her blood counts have remained steady in spite of chemo, and so chemotherapy continues per usual without modification at this time. Bonnie is able to keep a pretty full schedule, only overshadowed by an earlier onset of fatigue than before.

Saturday, I finally got around to fixing the carpenter/plumber’s installation of the pedestal sink and toilet in our main bathroom. Through some snafus in planning and application, he put an extra trap essentially in the drainpipe from the sink bowl to the floor so he could get the drain to match up with the hole he cut in the floor. Consequently, that sink hasn’t drained correctly since he put it in a couple of years ago. I had to remove the sink pedestal and bowl, disassemble the pipes, buy some additional pipe and fittings and reassemble everything. Well, that’s why I hadn’t gotten to it any sooner, especially since I rarely use that sink, and therefore, it was not an issue with me personally.

Furthermore, I finally got around to fixing the rocking toilet. Again, it was not a big issue with me since I seldom used that bathroom. However, guests and my daughter who has spent much time with us over the last few months (helping us with Bonnie’s medical issues) reminded me of these problem areas. Alas, running twice to the local hardware store before it closed at noon, I’m done with those two projects. Previously, I had to fix grout/caulk errors in that bathroom following the workman’s efforts, as well as attempt to remove ceramic tile adhesive from the carpet in the hallway. To my amazement, he is amazed that I haven’t contracted him again for other repairs!

Saturday evening, we three were guests for supper of Mike and Bonnie Schmitz; also present were Angie and Kevin Kimble. Brother Mike preaches for the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, MS. The Kimbles are very active members with that congregation.

Sunday, I had no speaking appointment scheduled. Therefore, Bonnie proposed that we drive the two hours down to the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ for worship. Besides being our sponsoring congregation, brethren there have sent many of the cards that Bonnie has received. We had not been to the congregation since Bonnie’s surgery and commencement of chemo, and she wanted to visit brethren who have been so supportive in prayers and encouragement to her.

The week ahead, we will finish the preparation of our next Rushmore Newsletter and send it to the printing company. We have a little left to do on the next issue of The Voice of Truth International before we send the files to another printing company. The fourth of July occurs in the middle of the week, followed the next day by Rebecca’s birthday. Saturday, she departs for Guyana, South America – carrying some materials and funds to our dear brother Nigel Milo; he is distributing 50 Strong’s Concordances to preachers in that country for us. Of course, there is a chemo treatment for Bonnie on Friday. The following week is our annual World Evangelism Team Meeting in Winona. The 14th Bonnie and I celebrate 40 years of marriage and depart for a week to Colorado in connection with recognition of that. We are not likely to be bored, but rather happy to be busy, most of the time in the service of our Lord.

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