One Down Five to Go!

Rebecca, Louis & Bonnie Rushmore in Myanmar 2010

Rebecca, Louis & Bonnie Rushmore
In 2010 at a Yangon, Myanmar Hotel

I have completed one month (three infusions) of chemo, and fortunately the side effects have been minimal. I am at the office most of each day; however, I am refraining from working in the warehouse. The oncologist says to live my normal life and do what I feel I am up to do. So I am! I am travelling with Louis on the week-ends and working in the office during the week.

Everything I read about cancer encourages joining a support group for emotional support. I feel I do not need to join a support group as I already have one.

First, is my heavenly Father Who is with me every step of the way. I go to Him in prayer, and He answers through His Word. My prayer is that He will grant me many, many more years of service to Him.

Second, is my wonderful husband. He rarely left my side during my hospital stay, holds me close during my bouts of feeling sorry for myself, has willingly stepped up to doing laundry, fixing meals, cleaning and all the other household chores when I am unable to complete them. He encourages me to get lots of rest and not over exert myself now that I am able to resume most activities.

Third, is my daughter. She has spent most weekends with us in Winona since the first week of April when I had surgery, and now that school is out, she is here during part of the week as well. She stops to buy groceries, helps with the household chores, assists her father with the yard work since I cannot, helps unload trucks at the warehouse and assists with some of the office duties. She also gently rebukes me for “over doing it” when I try to do more than she and her father think I should. I get frustrated with them, but I know they mean well and are trying to take care of me. It is because of their love and concern for me that they caution me to rest and take it easy. They know that I will push on even when I sometimes need to slow down. I am trying to learn this, and I think am being careful, resting when necessary.

Last but not least, I have hundreds of Christians around the world praying for my recovery. We receive get well wishes and words of encouragement daily through the mail system, emails, text messages and phone calls from literally across the globe. I may not reply to all the correspondence we receive, but I do appreciate the notes of encouragement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers and kind words!

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