The Printed Page and the Webpage

Tuesday, May 28, a tractor-trailer with six pallets of books pulled up in the World Evangelism Building parking lot. Four of those pallets were Issue 76 of The Voice of Truth International magazine. Each of the other two pallets had reprints of two of the over 300 titles of books, tracts and magazines we keep in print. Betty Choate, Paula Bates, Jerry Bates, Rebecca Rushmore and I carted all of those thousands of copies of books and magazines to their respective places inside the building. Bonnie Rushmore has an exemption from warehousing as she recovers from surgery.

Thursday, I published to the Internet the June 2013 edition of Gospel Gazette Online (Website:  Both The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online are read throughout the world, and both are examples of the printed word, howbeit representing two different mediums. The latter is easier and less exhausting to lift!

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  1. skpasalapudi Says:

    I just want to thank you For the kindness that you’ve shown, For being there to support me In ways that you’ve not known And for always being there When I needed a listening ear, For praying, and for offering hope And for showing me you cared…..suja


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