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PoniesWednesday, May 15, Bonnie and I made our way to Grenada, MS. First, we met appointments for eye examinations and replacement glasses. Our eyeglasses prescriptions have changed little if at all, but after two or three years, it is certainly time to retire our current eyewear. Scratches as you can imagine abound, but also Bonnie has been having an allergic reaction to her glasses that has broken out her face.

Next, we went to the local hospital for me to obtain an EKG and blood work. This was in anticipation of a couple of procedures or tests that I will experience in early June.

Thursday, we headed to Jackson, MS for Bonnie to have a dental cleaning. She had to move up her appointment because it is inadvisable for her to have dental treatment during the months she will be having chemotherapy. Besides causing tiredness and lower immunity to diseases, Bonnie will not clot well during chemo. I was able to squeeze in at the dentist’s office as well, preventing us from driving back down to Jackson on Monday, to have broken a filling replaced.

Friday, Bonnie and I hauled about 300 pounds of books to Nashville, TN to a shipper for shipment to Guyana, South America. We drove five hours plus stops through heavy rain most of the way. We were a little late getting to our destination, but the shipper graciously waited for us. This shipment consisted of 50 new Strong’s Concordances, augmented with The Voice of Truth International and other books and tracts. The shipment should arrive in Georgetown, Guyana from three to five weeks from now.

That evening, we lodged at the Quality Inn in Franklin, TN along I-65. We found it to be anything but “quality,” though it was tolerable. What made it more acceptable was that we were able to pay for the night’s stay with hotel points accrued from previous lodging nights among participating franchises; this was the first time we had ever done that.

Saturday, we had a pleasant ride to Tuscumbia, AL where we lodged with brother Daniel and sister Joan Counts. He is one of the elders of the Leighton Church of Christ where I spoke Sunday morning for Bible class and worship. The Counts took care of us wonderfully well and treat us as though we were their children.

Old BarnSunday evening, I spoke for the Antioch Church of Christ outside of Killen, AL. We are always well received there. This congregation helps us with funds for foreign travel. In the interim between the two congregations, we drove a shoreline drive and met a precocious pony colt and its mother. On the way to the Antioch Church of Christ, I snapped a picture of a quaint, old barn. Afterward evening services, we arrived home at 10:45 p.m. – bushed!

Bonnie is back to full strength at the present time – at least preceding commencement of chemotherapy. I have to wonder about me, though; home by midnight is my rule for nighttime driving, but I tired ahead of time yesterday. Thank you for your continued interest is us as we endeavor to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

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