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A Chapter in Bonnie’s Treatment

May 31, 2013
Bonnie holding baby Louis named in India

Bonnie holding a baby in India
that I officially named

Thursday, May 30, Rebecca accompanied Bonnie and me to Jackson, MS where Bonnie underwent dental work in preparation for later installation of a crown on one of her teeth. That evening, we three spent the night in a hotel a few blocks from the medical complex and on the same street.

Friday morning by 6:30 a.m. we were at the hospital for Bonnie’s surgery to implant a chemo port below the skin on her upper, left chest. By 11:30 a.m. that part of the venture for the day was completed, and she was taken by wheelchair to the Cancer Center in the same complex. Bonnie’s first round of chemotherapy was complete by about 3:00 p.m., and we left for something to eat on the way back to Winona.

We arrived back in Winona, MS at 5:00 p.m., whereupon we went to the Wal-Mart pharmacy to retrieve prescriptions that the oncology office had called in ahead. Shortly after returning to the house, Bonnie became ill with nausea and vomiting. She is resting, and we look forward to a peaceful night’s slumber tonight and scaled back activity on Saturday.

Bonnie, Rebecca and I together will evaluate Bonnie’s travel worthiness for this weekend’s upcoming appointment in Alabama. Rebecca is prepared to stay with her mother if she is not up to traveling with me.

In any case, we continue to be thankful to our God and to each child of God for their tender expressions of concern and prayers. Upon examining the mail in our mailbox after returning home (much like every day for weeks now), several get well cards lifted Bonnie’s morale and encouraged both of us.

The Printed Page and the Webpage

May 30, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, a tractor-trailer with six pallets of books pulled up in the World Evangelism Building parking lot. Four of those pallets were Issue 76 of The Voice of Truth International magazine. Each of the other two pallets had reprints of two of the over 300 titles of books, tracts and magazines we keep in print. Betty Choate, Paula Bates, Jerry Bates, Rebecca Rushmore and I carted all of those thousands of copies of books and magazines to their respective places inside the building. Bonnie Rushmore has an exemption from warehousing as she recovers from surgery.

Thursday, I published to the Internet the June 2013 edition of Gospel Gazette Online (Website:  Both The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online are read throughout the world, and both are examples of the printed word, howbeit representing two different mediums. The latter is easier and less exhausting to lift!

Hanging around Mississippi

May 26, 2013

Me PuebloSunday, May 26, found Bonnie and me hanging around Mississippi. Our Sunday appointments were close by, so we did not need to travel on Saturday to accommodate them. In the absence of Mike Schmitz, preacher for the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, it was my privilege to teach the auditorium Bible class that morning (Which Covenant?) and preach during the worship session that followed (Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?). Three families besides us lingered after all others had departed, and we had our own little fellowship meal together. Lately, we have grown particularly close to Kevin and Angie Kimble as well as close to Adam and Melanie Fowler. It was with them we dined and with Adam’s father.

Next, we headed to Batesville, MS to redeem the carwash I mistakenly purchased at the gas station across the lane carwash facility last Monday evening, only to discover that the carwash was closed. We also shopped a couple of stores to buy a couple of skirts and a blouse for Bonnie. We had a little time on our hands before our next appointment.

Still early, we pulled up into the parking lot for the Courtland, MS Church of Christ. Shortly thereafter, Luke Hall, preacher for the congregation discovered us and let us into the meetinghouse. A little later, his wife Melinda joined us in the auditorium. I had plenty of time to set up the PowerPoint about our 2012-2013 Mission Trips and layout our display material, too.

Both congregations are greatly encouraging to Bonnie and me in our labors stateside and abroad for the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, both churches participate enthusiastically with us in a financial way. Brethren like these not only make it possible for us to do what we do, but they likewise lift our spirits.

After evening worship, brother and sister Hall treated Bonnie and me to supper at a very savory Mexican restaurant in Batesville. I am predictable and ate my usual – ground beef burrito with beans and rice. We enjoyed fellowship together before parting from one another for a long while after the meal was over. This young couple has much promise in the service of the King over the decades that may lie ahead.

We arrive back in Winona about 9:30 p.m. Bonnie was tired, but I was tired, too. Nevertheless, we stayed up late as a preface of a sleepy night opening up into a lazy holiday morning – Memorial Day.

Quick Trip to the Surgeon’s Office

May 21, 2013
2010 Bonnie on a street in Bangalore, India

2010 Bonnie on a street in Bangalore, India

Tuesday morning, May 21, Bonnie and I made quick trip to the surgeon’s office nearly two hours away in Jackson, MS. Bonnie’s surgeon was out of the office for the week, but one of his partners agreed to treat Bonnie. A blister of trapped fluid about two inches in length developed at the lower end of Bonnie’s incision from pancreatic cancer surgery on April 4; the rest of the incision has healed well. There’s nothing over which to worry, but the surgeon reopened the affected portion of the incision, cleaned it out with peroxide and cauterized and further disinfected it with silver nitrate. The depth of the wound is not as deep as when initially Bonnie was healing from surgery, and it is not necessary to pack it with gauze. However, it will need to be treated similarly respecting daily cleaning and change of bandages. This little jaunt to Jackson and back to Winona also extends the time of Bonnie’s restrictions on lifting much of anything, but it will neither interfere with her scheduled dental work on May 30 nor with the installation of a chemo port and her first chemotherapy on May 31.

At one of Bonnie’s earlier appointments following initial surgery, I asked the surgeon in jest, “When will she be able to mow grass again?” After a brief reflective pause, he retorted, “After Thanksgiving! I guess the grass mowing season will be over by then.” My dear Bonnie is right on track for mowing grass the last week of November! Seriously, she has regained her strength and stamina, and Bonnie is fully back in the swing of things otherwise – including full days at the office, traveling with me on weekend speaking appointments and light work in the house. Thank you for your continued interest and prayers.

Wednesday to Sunday

May 19, 2013

PoniesWednesday, May 15, Bonnie and I made our way to Grenada, MS. First, we met appointments for eye examinations and replacement glasses. Our eyeglasses prescriptions have changed little if at all, but after two or three years, it is certainly time to retire our current eyewear. Scratches as you can imagine abound, but also Bonnie has been having an allergic reaction to her glasses that has broken out her face.

Next, we went to the local hospital for me to obtain an EKG and blood work. This was in anticipation of a couple of procedures or tests that I will experience in early June.

Thursday, we headed to Jackson, MS for Bonnie to have a dental cleaning. She had to move up her appointment because it is inadvisable for her to have dental treatment during the months she will be having chemotherapy. Besides causing tiredness and lower immunity to diseases, Bonnie will not clot well during chemo. I was able to squeeze in at the dentist’s office as well, preventing us from driving back down to Jackson on Monday, to have broken a filling replaced.

Friday, Bonnie and I hauled about 300 pounds of books to Nashville, TN to a shipper for shipment to Guyana, South America. We drove five hours plus stops through heavy rain most of the way. We were a little late getting to our destination, but the shipper graciously waited for us. This shipment consisted of 50 new Strong’s Concordances, augmented with The Voice of Truth International and other books and tracts. The shipment should arrive in Georgetown, Guyana from three to five weeks from now.

That evening, we lodged at the Quality Inn in Franklin, TN along I-65. We found it to be anything but “quality,” though it was tolerable. What made it more acceptable was that we were able to pay for the night’s stay with hotel points accrued from previous lodging nights among participating franchises; this was the first time we had ever done that.

Saturday, we had a pleasant ride to Tuscumbia, AL where we lodged with brother Daniel and sister Joan Counts. He is one of the elders of the Leighton Church of Christ where I spoke Sunday morning for Bible class and worship. The Counts took care of us wonderfully well and treat us as though we were their children.

Old BarnSunday evening, I spoke for the Antioch Church of Christ outside of Killen, AL. We are always well received there. This congregation helps us with funds for foreign travel. In the interim between the two congregations, we drove a shoreline drive and met a precocious pony colt and its mother. On the way to the Antioch Church of Christ, I snapped a picture of a quaint, old barn. Afterward evening services, we arrived home at 10:45 p.m. – bushed!

Bonnie is back to full strength at the present time – at least preceding commencement of chemotherapy. I have to wonder about me, though; home by midnight is my rule for nighttime driving, but I tired ahead of time yesterday. Thank you for your continued interest is us as we endeavor to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

May Edition of the Rushmore Newsletter

May 13, 2013

2013MayNewsletterToday (May 14), the Rushmore Newsletter arrived from the printing company. First this morning, Bonnie and I completed “Thank Cards” in response to financial support that came in last week. Then, we worked feverishly together tabbing, applying address labels and otherwise processing the mailing of our newsletter. I got it to the local post office with about five minutes to spare before the cutoff time of 3 p.m. See an online version of the Rushmore Newsletter at

In addition, Bonnie and I worked on sundry other things behind the scenes to our public activities. The only way that we can get done as much as we do is to operate that mobile office, whether in the World Evangelism Building, at the house, in the car, in a motel or overseas. Amidst it all, I tendered emails and phone calls from the States as well as from abroad. I proofed sister Betty Choate’s newsletter, printed 50 copies of a cover letter for the 50 Strong’s Concordances that we are sending to preachers of the Gospel in Guyana, South America and forwarded copies of brother Jerry Bates’ new tracts to sister Choate for formatting prior to publication. I helped put away books that were not dispersed at the Missionary Retreat last week. This morning, I also made appointments for Bonnie and me with dentist and doctor’s offices. Bonnie is working on The Voice of Truth International, and she caught up accounting for the Rushmore Evangelism Fund as well as for us. Sometimes it may not look like much was accomplished when summarizing a day, but the days are filled with activity daily – activity that must go on. Thank you for making it possible for Bonnie and me to work for the Lord all day everyday – stateside and abroad.

Hustle & Bustle on Sunday Close to Home

May 12, 2013

Bonnie & LouisRebecca & Raymond with UsSunday, May 12, Bonnie and I, along with our son Raymond and our daughter Rebecca, worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll, County, Mississippi. Raymond had flown from Columbus, OH to Memphis, TN on Friday morning. Rebecca took a day off work, picked up her brother at the airport and drove to Winona, MS. A little before their arrival in Winona, Bonnie and I returned to Winona from two days in Hamilton, AL for the May Maywood Missionary Retreat.

While in the wildwood that engulfs the Old Union meetinghouse, we had some photos snapped of the four of us and of Bonnie and me together. The sunshine was pleasant, but the temperature and the breeze were cool. I also took a picture of the peaceful, terrestrial rest (cemetery) that arcs around three sides of the little white frame building.

Bonnie fixing Sunday lunchAfter returning to our Winona home, Bonnie participated with chiefly Rebecca in preparing a fine lunch (on Mother’s Day as it happened to be). Our sumptuous menu included pulled beef roast with gravy, real mashed potatoes, candied green beans and homemade, whole-wheat biscuits. After spending some additional time together, Rebecca dropped Raymond at the Memphis airport on the way to her home in Collierville, TN. Bonnie and I headed out to worship with the West President St. Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. Bonnie has recovered nicely from her surgery, and we anticipated the installation of her chemo port and commencement of chemotherapy on May 31.

Old Union Church CemeteryDear Readers, Friends, Family and Brethren, thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers. The forthcoming days will see us continue to apply ourselves fully life’s pursuits, devoted to each other and dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

2013 Maywood Missionary Retreat

May 10, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, Bonnie and I left Winona, MS at about 7:30 a.m., headed for Hamilton, AL. We delayed our start just a little and long enough for Bonnie to resort to our bed after breakfast for a little rest before the journey. Nausea has been affecting her sporadically of late.

The end of our two and a half hour jaunt took us to Maywood Christian Camp outside Hamilton. We arrived about 12:30 p.m. World Evangelism Team Members arrive on Wednesday to prepare and clean for the commencement of the annual missionary retreat on Thursday; it lasts through Friday night, and the stragglers check out not later than 9 a.m. on Saturday.

Missionaries from around the world and brethren interested in evangelism converge on the camp each year to report about their labors, edify one another, eat together, sing together, pray together and generally to recharge their batteries. Except for the environment appropriate attire and the semi-primitive setting, to me it is the little lectureship in the woods; the quality of lessons presented and the enthusiasm of the brethren in attendance equals or exceeds similar gatherings of brethren for such events.

After several years of gathering together, we have become a family comparable to those who muster for any family reunion. Like family reunions, we see new faces from time to time, and like family reunions, some of our number pass and are sorely missed. Below are some of the faces and scenes from this year’s gathering. Maybe you would like to be one of those new faces next year; if so contact Bonnie at

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Chemotherapy Update: Schedule Change

May 10, 2013

Friday while traveling to the Maywood Missionary Retreat, Bonnie was able to confirm the date and time of the commencement of her upcoming chemotherapy. It took a little phone tag between uncertain cellphone reception and lunch hour for the scheduler at the cancer clinic.

We had been informed by both the oncology office and the surgeon’s office that the installation of the chemo port and the first chemo treatment would be sometime on Tuesday, May 28. However, by the time the two medical offices sufficiently collaborated, the actual date for both procedures will be Friday, May 31. Bonnie is scheduled for the installation of the chemo port at 5:30 a.m.! Chemo treatment is scheduled at 12:10 p.m.

The hospital and cancer treatment center we are using is in Jackson, MS. Since that location is a minimum of an hour and a half from where we reside in Winona, MS, we plan to spend the previous night in a motel in the Jackson area to avoid essentially nearly getting up before we go to bed! The elders of our sponsoring congregation for our mission work (the Siwell Road church of Christ) has graciously offered us the amenity of a motel stay. We were reluctant to unnecessarily divert the Lord’s money toward us when it might better be used otherwise, but we are thankful to caring brethren and given the early hour of the first appointment will humbly and gratefully accept such a gracious offer this time.

Bonnie and I will be able to take a week off for our 40th wedding anniversary on the week between treatments in July, and we are tentatively going to Colorado and ride the old steam train the Silverton. Since chemo treatments will be on Fridays, we believe that Bonnie will be able to teach at Polishing the Pulpit this year as scheduled. However, Bonnie will not be able to accompany me overseas this fall because she will not have completed her six months of chemotherapy by then. She will be able to fulfill the invitation to teach ladies for two days in a retreat in November, and Bonnie will be able to accompany me on our mission trip to Guyana, South America in February 2014.

Bonnie will resume traveling with me on weekend appointments next week. She has already resumed working in the office at the World Evangelism Building. It’s hard to keep a good woman down!

May Issue of Gospel Gazette Online Now Ready

May 10, 2013

The May issue of Gospel Gazette Online has been published, and it is now available for your use at no cost to you. You may go directly to the Table of Contents by clicking on Tell your family and friends about Gospel Gazette Online. Put the URL in your bulletin, on your bulletin board and on your webpage. Don’t be stingy, share the good news.