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Rebecca & Bonnie

Rebecca & Bonnie

Thursday, Bonnie and I ate lunch at the local Mexican restaurant with sister Martha and brother Bob Noland, who had come down from Ohio for a week and a half to help take care of Bonnie after her return home from the hospital. The occasion was because the Nolands were returning toward home Friday morning, and Martha twice mentioned that restaurant. We also invited and were joined for lunch by sister Betty Choate and sister Barbara Wright.

Friday, I took Bonnie to the office for half a day. She used the stair, chairlift to make her way to the second story offices. She noted that it was unfortunate that the chairlift concluded its ride at the opposite end of the building from where her office is, so she had to walk a greater distance than she preferred at this time. Bonnie worked on printing the numerous “Thank You” cards that we send for each monetary gift toward our missionary labors. We divide the workload; she makes the personalized cards, and I print the envelopes, stuff and stamp them. We had lunch at the office and then returned home for her to rest. I mowed grass and changed oil, etc. on two lawnmowers.

Saturday, Bonnie felt poorly all day, and she rested, alternating between bed and recliner. I bought her some medicine and medical supplies, went to the office to finish processing the “Thank You” cards she had prepared the day before, mailed them and got one of the few “professional” haircuts that I have had in decades (since Bonnie usually cuts my hair) and rehearsed my lessons for my Sunday appointments.

The paragraphs may be short, but the activity therein has a way of filling the days, especially for Bonnie, but as well for me at her side. Our daughter Rebecca came down on Friday evening after teaching all day; she is a great encouragement and help, particularly at this time.

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