Visit to Surgeon

Bonnie teaching ladies in Guyana

Bonnie teaching ladies
Guyana, South America

The surgeon and his nurse closed up the abscess in her suture with adhesive strips and removed all but four staples – two on either side of the abscess. He attempted to remove the two remaining tubes protruding out of Bonnie’s abdomen, but the internal stitches had not dissolved yet. Bonnie quickly changed her mind as to whether she wanted those tubes removed today or at some future time. Pain will do that – change one’s mind on something of that nature.

On Tuesday, May 7, Bonnie has her first official visit with the oncologist in the morning, and in the afternoon, she will see the surgeon once more. Whenever the chemotherapy begins, the surgeon will install a port to accommodate the IV infusions.

Following the appointment today, we ate with the Nolands at a steakhouse. Each couple shared a meal. I got more than half, as Bonnie can eat but a little yet. Next, we took Martha to brother Dulaney’s office for him to check out her toothache. He was able to determine that she had an infection, and Dr. Dulaney prescribed an antibiotic – for which she is thankful.

On the way home to Winona, we stopped in Madison, MS at Wal-Mart for groceries. Bonnie braved going inside, but not finding a motorized cart available, she proceeded to walk behind a cart – which she came to regret. Whenever we leave town, it pretty much takes up an entire day, and this was no exception. Bonnie returned home exhausted, but we think that she will be able to start going on at least short trips, such as Wednesday evening Bible class at the West President St. Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS.

Phone calls, texts, cards and visits continue to encourage us as Bonnie recovers from surgery and faces chemotherapy soon. Thank you for your prayers, too.

This Sunday, I will resume my Sunday speaking appointments to report on our mission work. Our next scheduled trip abroad is in September of this year. Depending on variables such as the completion of chemotherapy, Bonnie may or may not be able to travel overseas at that time. If she cannot, as long as she is stable and reasonably healthy, I will keep those appointments with brethren in Asia. Both doctors anticipate that Bonnie will be able to keep her ladies’ retreat speaking appointment in November, and both think that she should be able to travel to Guyana, South America and participate in that labor in February of 2014.

Do not count us out; we are not done yet. We have work for the Lord left to do – stateside and overseas!

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