Close to Home

Little PreacherI had no preaching appointments today, but I stayed close to home for worship. In the morning, Rebecca kept Bonnie company while Bob and Martha Noland and I attended Bible class and worship at the Old Union Church of Christ. This little, vibrant congregation in the woods of Carroll County, Mississippi is a spiritual and emotional crutch to Bonnie and me in our health crisis. Not only is this little church one of our supporters in mission work, but through its members it has carried us along in these difficult times.

The first person to mount the podium platform was this little fellar – though he was soon retrieved and was not permitted to address the assembly. All ages were represented, and a few of the younger ones were drawn naturally to the dirt pile between class and worship as well as after worship. The setting was perfect! Nestled deep down winding and hilly gravel roads, adorned with forest and kudzu, the white framed church building sits in a clearing and is accented with a manicured cemetery around it. There is something peaceful amidst nature with its quietness except for the sounds of God’s creatures and God’s people singing hymns in adoration of His name.

Dirt PileSunday evening, Martha remained at Bonnie’s side as Bob and I worshipped with the Elliott Church of Christ. Rebecca had returned home to Collierville so she can teach school tomorrow. A small group of Christians cordially greeted us and sent with us their encouragement for Bonnie as well.

Next week, irrespective of whether Bonnie is ready to travel yet, at least I will resume Sunday preaching appointments. In the morning I will be with the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. That evening, I will be with the Union, MS Church of Christ (not to be confused with the Old Union Church of Christ outside of Carrollton, MS).

Bonnie has an appointment with the surgeon in Jackson, MS on Tuesday. The Nolands return homeward Friday morning. Rebecca will return to us Friday evening. Thank you for your prayers.

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