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Bonnie & Louis Sharing a Chocolate MaltI apologize for making two updates in the same day. (However, I did not make any report yesterday; maybe that will make two updates today all right.) Unexpectedly, our oncology doctor came to the room today; this was the first time we have met. Yesterday, brother Chris Bates, who is a cancer survivor from similar cancer, recommended Dr. Tammy Young. All we did was indicate to our surgeon Dr. Edward Copeland of our desire to stay with doctors associated with Baptist Health Systems (the hospital where we are now) and specifically mentioned Dr. Young.

Dr. Young came to us with a congenial personality, caringly and armed with final information from the pathology report. Bonnie has stage 3 pancreatic cancer. The cancer has escaped the pancreas into Bonnie’s nerves at the pancreas and into Bonnie’s lymph nodes. Surgery was extensive and removed discernible cancer. However, surgery alone will not result in a cure; this type of cancer characteristically returns. Therefore, about six weeks from now, Bonnie will been chemotherapy for six months. One day a week for three weeks, she will go to Jackson, MS for an infusion intravenously. The fourth week will be a respite from chemo. This cycle will continue throughout the treatment.

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  1. My prayers go with you and Bonnie. My father had pancreatic cancer. If you need someone to listen or need extra prayers, let me know.

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