Surgery Day

Baptist Hospital Jackson, MSAs I write this, it is a little after 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th. Bonnie is resting comfortably in Surgical ICU (SICU). She is sedated and medicated, and she is asleep. Bonnie was not awakened after surgery, but taken directly to SICU and will be permitted to gradually wake up on her own. In addition, she is on a ventilator to make it easier to breathe following a lengthy surgery. The purpose of the sedation is to permit her to sleep through the discomfort of tubes, pain and ventilation, as well so that Bonnie will not remember this part of her ordeal. She is restrained gently, too, for her own protection along with the sedation to lessen the likelihood of her instinctively attempt to remove ventilation and tubing.

All of this follows a six-hour surgery when a three and a half hour procedure was anticipated. Bonnie and I arrived at about 5:45 a.m. at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS. At 7:45 a.m. Bonnie was taken into surgery. Surgery began at 8:29 a.m. and continued until 2:30 p.m. Rebecca and I have visited Bonnie briefly twice in SICU, and we will be staying the night in the waiting room.

Surgery included cutting into Bonnie’s stomach, intestine, pancreas and bile duct. The goal of the surgery was to remove an unidentified linear mass in her bile duct. Much of her pancreas has been removed, as well as part of her bile duct and part of her intestine. It has been confirmed that Bonnie has cancer, but as far as we know all discernible cancer has been removed. In a few days, a pathologist will notify us of the type of cancer involved, which will determine the type of treatment to be pursued weeks from now after Bonnie recovers from the surgery.

Bonnie will probably remain in SICU for at least today and tomorrow before being moved to a room. Overall, Bonnie will remain in the hospital from eight to ten days. Weeks later, she should begin to feel somewhat back to normal. Weeks later, she may be able to travel with me for weekend appointments. She will miss her speaking part in the upcoming India Mission Conference later this month.

Last night, Bonnie and I stayed with brother and sister Andrew Dulaney following meeting with the surgeon yesterday and undergoing preadmission registration and procedures. Several brethren from various congregations have visited us in the hospital throughout the day. In addition, we continue to receive phone calls, texts and emails from throughout the country and across the globe. We appreciate the moral encouragement and prayers.

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  1. Jim and I are praying for Bonnie’s recovery and your strength as you care for her!

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