Medical Update

Here is a summary and an update about Bonnie’s medical journey of late. She has been ill since the middle of November 2012 upon our return from 48 days in three Asian countries. First, she had her gallbladder removed. Next, she underwent a series of ERCP procedures & another procedure through her side and through her liver to open up her blocked bile duct. Initially, a temporary stent was installed, weeks later replaced by a permanent stainless steel stent. Numerous biopsies and tissue samples have been unable to identify the linear blockage in Bonnie’s bile duct, though the suspicion is that it is cancerous.

Bonnie was given three options: (1) Do nothing and wait to see if it spreads. (2) Begin cancer treatment to see if the growth shrinks. (3) Have the growth surgically removed. We have opted for surgery. This way the obstruction can be removed and definitively analyzed. If found to be cancerous, subsequent and appropriate cancer treatment can be pursued.

My dear wife has endured surgeries, hospitalization and procedures in Grenada, MS; Oxford, MS and Memphis, TN. Wednesday of this week, she will meet a second time with a surgeon, and tentatively surgery will occur sometime on Thursday of this week in Jackson, MS. The surgery will take a minimum of three and a half hours with two surgeons and support personnel attending to her. Part of her pancreas will be removed as well as the affected bile duct. In addition, her stomach and intestines will be cut into to obtain access to the bile duct. After surgery, Bonnie will spend seven to ten days in the hospital.

This surgery has some mortal risks, but Bonnie’s age and health should permit a likelihood of a successful outcome. To date no treatment has been possible, other than to mediate the obstruction, not knowing the nature of the growth. An operation promises to identify the type of treatment needed and to remove the immediate problem of the blockage.

We are thankful for your interest in Bonnie’s well-being, your words of encouragement and prayers. Bonnie and I look forward to when she can resume her role with me on the foreign mission field; she was sorely missed recently those three weeks of seminars this past February in Guyana, South America. We have a full schedule ahead of us stateside and abroad later this year, health permitting.

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  1. Chris Bates Says:

    Louis and Bonnie, this sounds like the same operation I had in November, 2008. My surgery was for a Mass in my pancreas. It is called a Whipple surgery. If you have any questions, call me at 601-209-6905 or Valerie at 601-906-5266.

    Chris Bates

  2. Louis and Bonnie, I will pray for you now. Thank you for your hard work for the kingdom of God.

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