The Surgeon Says…

Not without some confusion between doctors’ offices in passing along test results, Bonnie was able to meet with a surgeon today. We made the hour and a half trip to Jackson, MS for her 9:15 a.m. appointment. The surgeon still lacks the CT scan previously made while under the care of another specialist before he can schedule surgery.

However, unless the CT scan reveals something contrariwise, the surgeon expects to schedule surgery within the next two weeks to remove the obstruction in Bonnie’s bile duct. Though unable to conclude definitively from biopsies, some medical personnel believe there is a high probability that it is cancerous. Yet, unsure whether this is the case, we are reluctant to haphazardly seek chemo and radiation, and doing nothing is not an option either. The surgeon concurs that surgery is a prudent decision.

This type of surgery certainly qualifies as being “major,” but Bonnie is healthy enough and young enough to believe she has a likelihood of responding well. Nevertheless, there is some mortality risk in the surgery itself.

The surgery will involve cutting into the stomach, the small intestine and the pancreas to gain access to the bile duct. We are unsure presently of all the ramifications of that. The surgery will last a minimum of three and a half hours, and Bonnie will be attended by two surgeons as well as other medical persons on the surgical team. Afterward, she will be required to spend seven to ten days in the hospital.

There remains the possibility that Bonnie will not have surgery if the CT scan shows it inadvisable or if upon commencing surgery the growth is found to have affected a nearby artery. In any case, as we move ahead prayerfully, we invite your prayers on her behalf as well. Thank you for your continued interest in Bonnie’s welfare.

Tentative plans for commemorating our 40th wedding anniversary are on hold for now. Our work stateside and abroad may be affected temporarily as well. We trust ourselves to the care of Almighty God, in Whose service we lend ourselves, too.

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