Last Sunday This Year at Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ

Michael HooperMichael HooperSunday, February 24, 2013 found me worshipping with the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ. Brother Bryan Michael Hooper taught an excellent Bible class without written notes, using his Bible and quoting most verses from memory. He is a fine specimen of a preacher of God’s Word well worthy of emulation. Brother preaches for a congregation in Guyana, but happened to be in Linden at Amelia’s Ward because he, brother Nigel and I are traveling throughout Guyana in a series of seminars. We have been using brother Nigel Milo’s home in Linden as a base of operations. A little baby girl took up with him and was so content that she refused to go back for some while to her family members, including her mother.

Louis RushmoreI was privileged preach the Gospel during both the morning and evening worship periods as well as speak briefly for an evening men’s class. Many were the sisters in Christ who expressed well wishes for Bonnie back in the USA, and several men throughout the day also remembered her in public prayers.

The Amelia’s Ward congregation is exemplary in so many ways. It is one of the largest congregations among the churches of Christ in the entire country of Guyana. Its members go out into their community to evangelize Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. In addition, several members pay their own expenses to go on two one-week crusades or evangelistic efforts each year throughout Guyana. The church’s local outreach includes repairing or building homes for its elderly Christians. The Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ has an extensive teaching curriculum for all ages.

The combined Bible class and worship Sunday mornings is three hours. Sunday evening the church not only has worship but a men’s class following. Ladies’ class is on another day of the week. The church has Wednesday evening Bible class, youth classes on another day as well as friends and family days. Every Friday night, brother Milo teaches dozens of girls and boys at a high school boarding house, and dozens of them also attend worship at Amelia’s Ward. Some are converted each year and carry the Gospel back to remote villages. Several boxes of The Voice of Truth International are distributed by church members in the local hospital and in the community.

The Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ is one of the most working churches anywhere in the world. It is not a wealthy church in terms of material prosperity, but it is extremely wealthy in souls dedicated to Christian service. At a time when membership in the churches of Christ throughout the nation is diminishing – threatening the existence of some congregations – the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ is thriving. Yes, it has human problems, but it is thriving in spite of the frailty of mortals because it is devoted to Jesus Christ.

96 dpi 4x6 Nigel MiloBrother Nigel Milo is the dynamo behind the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ, buttressed by his loyal wife sister Jasmine. Together they are raising a handsome son Zabuel (Zab). Brother Milo has boundless energy, and it is obvious after just a little time around him that he is literally high on Jesus Christ. That degree of zeal is contagious, affecting for good all with whom he comes in contact.

Brethren Hooper and Milo are worthy of any pulpit in any venue in any country, and auditors of their lessons would be much benefited. Brother Nigel shares with me a vision for seeing to the edification of preachers and congregations everywhere in Guyana. It is our intention to help stabilize churches, encourage them, increase Bible knowledge among the most devoted Christians and prompt them to take a personal responsibility for evangelizing their own nation.

I love Guyana. I love my brethren in Guyana. It is a small country of 83,000 square miles and a population of less than 800,000 precious souls, and they speak English. It is a no brainer not only to evangelize Guyana but to equip the brethren for ministry (Ephesians 4:12). In conjunction with that, within a few weeks every preacher in Guyana will have received a box of books from World Evangelism to enrich their personal studies. I hope to continue directing literature including tracts and The Voice of Truth International into the hands of brethren no matter where they reside in Guyana. We plan to grow the church from the inside out, spiritually first, which will permit it to expand itself numerically. We will continue to petition God in prayer toward that end.

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