Two Days Filled to the Brim – Per Usual

Louis Rushmore Teaching Bible Geography Thursday, January 31, 2013 began with a two-hour trip south to Jackson, MS for our semi-annual dental cleanings – exciting stuff, huh? After that, Bonnie and I enjoyed lunch with Gary and Teresa Hampton who labor with the Siwell Road Church of Christ. Then, Bonnie and I headed to the Siwell building and borrowed a space from which we could do some mobile office work on our computers. I worked on the February issue of Gospel Gazette Online and the World Evangelism Digital Library. Before long, it was time to begin the next session of the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies. I taught “Bible Geography” for an hour and a half, followed by finger foods and followed by Gary Hampton teaching for an hour and a half about “Biblical Interpretation.” Dozens of men and women from the area are coming together each Thursday evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for eight weeks of instruction. We pulled into our driveway in Winona, MS at 11:15 p.m.

The Conleys and Betty ChoateFriday, our day at the office began with visitors from Dennis, MS. Brother and sister David Conley from the Liberty Church of Christ in that town came our way. He has taken the responsibility recently of preaching for the congregation there. The Liberty Church of Christ overseas the work in which Betty Choate and her late husband J.C. have been involved for around 50 years. That includes foreign radio, television and literature distribution. Paula Bates, Betty Choate, the Conleys and Bonnie and I enjoyed a light lunch together in the World Evangelism Building.

Between facility tour and a meal together, I was able to publish to the Internet the February issue of Gospel Gazette Online, as well as inform via email 1,348 subscribers around the world. Next, I recovered some lost files from my computer from the office external backup drive. That permitted me to assemble the necessary files to create CD-Rs for the World Evangelism Digital Library. It consists of 75 volumes of The Voice of Truth International in PDF files and over three dozen Bible class books and sermon outline books, also in PDF files. Miscellaneous other files are included, too. We made about 28 CD-Rs, 20 of which I will take to Guyana, South America a little later this month. Between popping CDs in and out of the drives, Paula, Bonnie and I also hitched the trailer to Paula’s car and loaded the trailer with books and a display. Tomorrow, Paula will pick up her husband Jerry at the Memphis airport as he returns from India. They will go to appointments with congregations on Sunday and then set up a display and books at the Freed Hardeman University lectureship.

PackingWhen Bonnie and I finally returned home from the office, we started packing me for my trip to Guyana for three weeks. One little suitcase packed, we started on the checked bag with snack food, bug repellant, CDs, toiletries and socks. We watched a little TV before retiring for the night. Tomorrow, we anticipate four guests who Bonnie and I will introduce to the World Evangelism facilities. Then, we look forward to having a nice, homemade supper together at our house.

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