Culture in Developing Countries

Culture in Developing CountriesWednesday, January 9 marked Bonnie and my annual trek to Rebecca’s class to acquaint her students with foreign culture. For over an hour and a half, I presented a specially prepared PowerPoint for them. Not only did the youngsters and adults in attendance appear interested in the firsthand narration of numerous pictures, they posed thoughtful questions. The venue for the afternoon included Guyana, Myanmar and India. In addition, Rebecca, Bonnie and I showed the class various clothes for men and women from Myanmar and India. We exhibited currency and coins, which they thought more nearly resemble Monopoly money than real cash. On display for their musing also were carved jade elephants and turtles, a jade necklace, a bamboo ball, a fan made from grass, handmade paper, and a carved, collapsible hand stand (to hold, in this case, the bamboo ball).

I pointed out to the students the time zones and that India and Myanmar are approximately 12 time zones away – on the other side of the planet. We discussed foreign schools, housing, clothes, food, transportation and unfamiliar religions. It was our purpose to acquaint the kids with culture in developing countries, contrasting it with those things and circumstances with which they are familiar.

We hope that the children will begin to appreciate the material prosperity that they enjoy compared to people who live in developing countries. Too, they were encouraged to accept more personal responsibility for their wellbeing and life’s choices, whereas many in developing countries who find themselves in survival mode take their lives into their own hands – rather than depending upon the government or others to take care of them. Citizens of developing countries place a great importance on getting a good education, and we stressed the need to Rebecca’s class to likewise take advantage of getting a good education.

It was a good day, though it was a two hour drive. Of course, we were rewarded with being able to spend some time with our daughter. Naturally, we had to eat supper afterwards, and we opted for my favorite restaurant in Horn Lake, MS. We proceeded to Rebecca’s home to spend the night, but also had the pleasure of worshipping with the Collierville Church of Christ that evening, too. The next day, we would buy supplies for the upcoming visit of brethren to Winona, MS to assist in the warehouse/office.

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