Inching Ever Northward

Bonnie Rushmore 2010Bonnie is inching ever northward in her recent medical procedures. Her doctor in Winona, MS sent her to Grenada, MS – 25 miles northward. That doctor eventually sent her to Oxford, MS – an hour and a half north of Winona. After procedures and hospitalization there, now she is being sent to a hospital for a procedure in Memphis, TN – about two and a half hours north of Winona.

Despites multiple procedures at the hands of several physicians and technicians, still the nature of the blockage of Bonnie’s bile duct remains a mystery. Hopefully, the 5 a.m. procedure to occur on Monday in Memphis will lead to identifying the source of inflammation that has closed the duct. Only then can appropriate treatment begin with any likelihood of opening the blocked duct.

Still at least one more procedure lurks in the future to replace the temporary stent placed in her bile duct after much difficulty over three days. Time will tell if any additional surgery or hospitalization will be necessary.

Bonnie turned 22k yellow gold prior to the installation of the temporary stent, and she turned strawberry red afterward with an allergic reaction to something, what for sure we do not know (e.g., too much antibiotics, dye in one of the tests). Invariably each year in Myanmar (Burma) she is mistaken for Burmese, and sometimes she is mistaken for a resident of northern India. Truly, Bonnie has been a rainbow of colors this year – red, white, black & blue and yellow. It’s a good thing that I am color blind – she looks all the same to me – my sweet wife and my best friend.

Due to her illness, irrespective of what the outcome of the tests is, Bonnie will not be able to go with me in February to Guyana, South America. The Christian sisters throughout the country will miss out on the good, biblical lessons that she would have taught them. I will proceed without her as long as her ongoing tests and treatments do not project anything dire. I will miss her, especially holding my hand on the planes, boats and various modes of land transportation; my first seminar in Guyana will be at Monkey Mountain, to which some brethren have determined to walk eight hours to attend.

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