A Difficult Day for Bonnie

96 dpi 4x6 Bonnie Oxford MS Hospital2Today has been a difficult day for Bonnie. This morning, she received three units of potassium via IV, which burned; that took about five hours. Next, she had a repeat of yesterday, both as far as procedure and that it failed again to bridge the obstruction in Bonnie’s bile duct. Directly from that procedure, she was taken to radiology. There, that department attempted to go across the obstruction through the liver, which involved penetrating her side and liver through which a wire or catheter was placed. The obstruction was pierced, and a stint was inserted as well as drainage tubes attached to an external bag. It is still not known what is obstructing the bile duct. After consultation between doctors Friday morning, we anticipate a third attempt at the ERCP to take scrapings from which to identify the nature of the obstruction, to permanently internalize the stint and possibly to remove the so far unidentified obstruction. The obstruction may pertain to a twisted bile duct, an embedded gallstone, a tumor or other fibrous growth or cancer. I am staying in the room overnight with her again, but Rebecca is returning to our home in Winona; she will return with clothes, etc. sometime tomorrow. We do not know how many days Bonnie may remain hospitalized, but perhaps tomorrow if the obstruction can be removed without surgery we can get a better idea. Bonnie’s birthday is December 25, fast approaching. She just received pain medication and is trying to sleep.

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