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96 dpi 4x6 Bonnie Oxford MS Hospital1So far, this has been Bonnie’s week to seek treatment. Monday she had a crown installed on the tooth that she broke while eating toast abroad in Asia. Tuesday, December 18, she had a follow-up visit with her surgeon respecting her recent gallbladder extraction. Since Thursday of last week, Bonnie has been alternating between heavy discomfort and excruciating pain in her abdomen, along with corresponding symptoms. She has turned yellow with jaundice, developed a widespread rash or hives accompanied by severe itching. Her doctor ordered more blood work and a CT scan, which led him to send her to a doctor on Wednesday in Oxford, MS for an ERCP procedure. The doctor was unsuccessful in determining why her bile duct is obstructed and transferred her from outpatient to patient in the hospital there.

The homemade holiday gifts crafted with loving hands will simply have to wait and belated; Bonnie had begun but not finished making her delicious caramel corn and other party mixes. Gift cards to the grandsons will have to wait. Work on The Voice of Truth International is interrupted. Thursday, Bonnie must undergo another attempt at an ERCP by another physician to identify and remove a blockage. If that doesn’t work, then another option will be pursued.

72 dpi baptist memorial hospital oxford ms

Understandably, Bonnie was disappointed to be admitted to the hospital, and she likewise is saddened that she will spend a minimum of two nights in the hospital. Rebecca and I are lodging with her in the hospital room on one couch and one chair. This hospital is the most accommodating and staffed by the friendliest folks that we have ever encountered in similar previous circumstances. Thank you for your interest in Bonnie’s wellbeing and speedy recovery. Besides matters stateside, today we are continuing from the hospital to finalize plans for our departure in February for three weeks for workshops in Guyana, South America. We will teach lessons under the theme of “Value-Added Lessons for Christian Servants.”

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  1. Anil Kumar Says:

    Dear Bro.Louis & Bonnie Rushmore,

    We greet the holy couple in the blessed name of our Lord.

    I have seen on FB that our sister Bonnie is sick. We are praying for her and nothings happens. We belive that She is in safe hands, so stay comfortable my brother Louis.

    You both together are the tools of the Lord and the world needs you for the expansion of the Lords Kingdom.

    In Him

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