My Sweetheart

Monday, December 17, Bonnie and I arrived at the dentist office before 9:30 a.m. for the installation of a crown on one of her teeth. She had broken a tooth – eating a piece of toast – while we were overseas in Asia this fall. Prior to that, we enjoyed a Burger King breakfast together just a few blocks away.

My dear wife is not recovering well from her gallbladder surgery nearly two weeks ago. She is in excruciating pain internally, and she has turned the color of a stick of butter or good quality gold. More recently, she has become increasingly itchy, so much so that I’m afraid that she’s going to dig holes in herself. Now, she has a rash spreading across her body. She has not slept well for many days, but despite these inconveniences, she has continued to work out of the Winona office of World Evangelism and this past weekend accompany me on my preaching appointments. Fortunately, she has a follow-up office visit with the surgeon on Tuesday morning. She is about at the end of her proverbial rope. We are thankful for the well wishes and prayers offered on her behalf. Anyone who loves someone knows how the pain of one’s love affects him or her as well.

Bonnie & a Baby

Vani, baby & Bonnie

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  1. happy birth day to you sister Bonnie. May god bless you. god will keep your health and wealth in this year 2013 and he blessed you more and more upon his power gives peace and grace all your ministry and doing your all those services in him. and he will saved your health and your family always his mercy.god be with you. Amen. Rajahmundry church of Christ greetings to your family. with love
    your sister in Christ. suja and Ratnam children.congregations

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