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Rushmore NewsletterMonday, December 10, we were finally able to mail our November Rushmore Newsletter. We opted for outsourcing our bimonthly newsletter for the first time. Over the years, we have alternated between various in-house productions of our bulletin about our missions ministry. Our aging digital duplicators helped us make the leap to using our color laser printers (which is neither cheap nor fast, but it greatly improved the quality of the output). We are always weighing productivity and usefulness against costs and available funds. Finally, everything pointed to outsourcing at a price comparable to or less than other means of producing our newssheets ourselves. The bonus is that the Rushmore Newsletter never looked any better than it does now.

Owing to changing postal requirements for our type of mailing and using a different printing company than those with which we are familiar, we did not get the newsletter printed and mailed as quickly as we had hoped. We wanted to get everything just right to avoid costly mistakes at the Post Office or goof ups on the printing. Finally, three boxes of newsletters arrived at the World Evangelism Building on Friday. Remember that I drug Bonnie to the office in anticipation of a delivery? This was the delivery for which I was waiting.

Before leaving for my weekend appointments, and since Bonnie could not go with me due to her recovering from surgery, I took the Rushmore Newsletter, mailing labels, tabs and inserts to the house so that Bonnie and Rebecca (who was caring for Bonnie in my absence) could work on assembling and preparing it for mailing over the weekend. Consequently, we were able to mail the newsletter Monday afternoon.

This issue is eight pages or double the normal size because of inclusion therein of information and pictures about our recent travels in Asia for nearly two months. We think that regular editions will be half that size for about half that price. It is exciting for us to experience the things about which we write concerning our foreign travel for our Lord, and we hope that to some extent that it is exciting for each of our readers as they read about them. The Rushmore Newsletter is available in printed form sent about every two months to one’s mailbox, or it is available electronically. Requested for printed editions may be made to, and electronic editions may be found through a link in the masthead of Gospel Gazette Online ( Let me know if you would like an email notice when each newsletter has been published electronically. Bonnie and I hope that you are interested in being coworkers with us in the vineyard of the Lord.

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