Homeward Bound at Last

Tuesday, November 13 was a day entirely devoted to traveling back to the USA. Our Delhi flight on KLM was airborne about 2:30 a.m. Eight and a half hours later, we landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands; after a layover of four hours, we boarded a Delta flight to Atlanta, GA. We sat together in seating for two along the bulkhead in the tail section of the plane. To our dismay, the entertainment displays on the back of the seats ahead of us did not work, and the service by the aging flight attendants was the worst we can ever recall experiencing. Unfortunately, the long-legged man seated right behind me ceaselessly poked me in the lower back with his knees. That 10 and a half hour leg of our journey back home was painfully longer than it had to be.

After a four hour layover in Atlanta, GA, we made the last leg of our air travel back toward home, arriving in Memphis, TN a 7 p.m. CST. Rebecca picked us up and took us to her home, where we will stay until returning to Winona, MS Thursday evening. We had been up for about 44 hours before arriving in Memphis, and we stayed up until bedtime before succumbing to a night’s rest. Admittedly, we fell asleep from time to time in airplanes and cars. For instance, both Bonnie and I fell asleep on the plane from Georgia to Tennessee before the aircraft finished taxing to the runway for taking off, and we did not awake for an hour – within about 20 to 30 minutes of touching down in Memphis. While showing pictures to Rebecca, I fell asleep several times while sitting on the couch between Bonnie and Rebecca; just a little nudge and I would continue the manual slideshow.

It is good to be back. We hope that we were of reasonable service to the brethren abroad and in the employ of Jesus Christ our Master. We are thankful to be used, thankful that brethren entrust us with these opportunities, thankful for the spiritual blessings afforded us, and we are thankful for the physical blessings that we routinely enjoy in America. Let us make this journey together from where we are to where we want to be forever with God in heaven.

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