More Pre-Kakinada Lectureship

Sunday, November 4, 2012, Bonnie taught two children’s classes for an hour and a half, while Therman Hodge taught the adult class and I preached for the worship. For lunch, we were taken to a restaurant where we dined with Joshua and Kabita Gootam, Ricky and Sudeepa (plus their son Justin) Gootam, Betty Choate, James Wilcut, Therman Hodge, Vinay David, and Jim and Elaine Kelly. That evening, Bonnie and I along with Jim Kelly, Therman Hodge and Ricky Gootam attempted to go to a night meeting some distance away. However, flood waters from the cyclone that recently battered eastern India prevented us from continuing. Other vehicles, including two buses succumbed to six feet or more water over the road.

Monday, November 5, 2012, Joshua Gootam sick-listed me from going to the outstation meetings; Therman Hodge and Jim Kelly accompanied Joshua Gootam on the all-day journey to various villages in which they preached; there were 14 baptisms on this outing alone. Neither Bonnie nor I were feeling well and were medicating ourselves for possibly the early stages of bronchitis. However, Ricky Gootam put us to work preparing giveaways of rice to victims of floodwaters in Kakinada. Bonnie packaged the mix of rice, spices, oil and peanuts. I helped seal the plastic bags using a candle. Later, I helped deliver the first batch to flooded neighborhoods, accessible by walking along the top of a low wall above the flooded street or sloshing through the sewage-contaminated, venetian like canals; I opted for balancing atop the block walls.

In the middle of packet preparation, a tanker truck arrived to provide water for cooking rice during the upcoming lectureship. In addition, the next issue of a magazine in the Oria language arrived by auto. Always, dozens of activities are going on simultaneously there.

All along, each day I tried to work some on the November issue of Gospel Gazette Online, and I did so parts of these two days as well. The only thing that provided reprieve from more forays into the vast flooded plains to distant villages for outstation meetings was the three-day lectureship slated to begin on Tuesday.

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