Lectureship in the Woods

May 10-12, Thursday through Saturday, 96 missionaries and other brethren interested in missions met for the annual Maywood Missionary Retreat. The camp is outside of Hamilton, AL, and each year, brethren descend on this wooded vale from stateside and abroad. One first-timer showed up wearing a tie, and we promptly de-tied him. A camp setting with nailed lumber benches and a woodsy setting is hardly conducive to wearing fine clothes, but the quality of the lessons, panel discussions and Christian fellowship is unsurpassed anywhere on the planet. Those present represented many different missions programs from across the brotherhood that take the Gospel into many nations on several continents and islands.

The World Evangelism Team from Winona, MS and the Double Springs, AL Church of Christ sponsor the annual missionary retreat. Missionaries recharge their batteries, give field reports and share information on methodologies that successfully reach into the neighborhoods of millions of precious souls worldwide.

Bonnie and I along with a handful of others arrived on Wednesday to clean the camp and otherwise prepare for the retreat. After plenty of sweat, cleaning the grounds, toilets, sinks, cabins and the cafeteria, many of us resorted to a supper meal together at a local restaurant. Afterward, we assembled for Bible class at the Hamilton Church of Christ.

All ages are represented during the retreat, and activities commence on Thursday afternoon and last until after 9 p.m. Friday, sessions began with breakfast at 8 a.m. and went to after 9 p.m. again. Saturday morning concludes the retreat after a light breakfast and devotional before parting. Then Saturday, we all scattered for our Sunday appointments or mission works. The annual Maywood Missionary Retreat is a boost and encouragement to each attendee. May God bless each of us with many more years of active service in the kingdom of our Lord, whether stateside, abroad or both.

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