Outbound Literature

Outbound LiteratureWe almost need a container ship for Winona, MS because we are so far from the rest of the world – even other parts of the US. Last week on Thursday, Estes truck company was scheduled to pick up three pallets of literature on Friday. However, on Friday, the trucking company spokesman said, “We don’t have a truck going to Winona, today.” They acted like it was a surprise to them that there was something in Winona to be loaded aboard one of their trucks! Therefore, we rescheduled for early afternoon on Wednesday so loading the truck would not interfere with attending Bible class in the evening.

Jerry and Paula Bates as well as Bonnie and I were all out of state on Monday, returning from Sunday appointments with congregations, when Estes wanted to pick up the pallets of literature. No, we can’t load trucks from 100 or miles distant. Betty Choate advised the firm to come on Wednesday.

Wednesday, the trucking company could not verify what time of day the tractor-trailer would arrive, but it was scheduled to arrive and have a lift gate. Though the clouds were darkly ominous, the Bates and the Rushmores put over 200 boxes of books and tracts on three pallets in front of the World Evangelism Building. As we were wrapping plastic around the first completed pallet, the sky showered us with light rain – and at about the same time, the truck arrived. Bonnie snapped the picture with me in it and Paula nearby; Jerry was just beyond the frame of the picture.

Annually, hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature come to Winona from printing companies far and near. Later, hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature – books and tracts – leave our office/warehouse for destinations stateside and abroad. Most of the literature ends up overseas in 80 countries. We can pay for a lift gate, but getting a truck with a lift gate to Winona is another story. Usually, we have to unload incoming boxes as well as load outgoing boxes – one box at a time, since we do not have a truck dock at the World Evangelism Building. Christians and non-Christians throughout the world benefit from good Christian literature through the cooperation and financial participation of Christians and churches of Christ in America. We are thankful to be servants to help facilitate the distribution of the printed word.

Otherwise, Bonnie and I are preparing for the upcoming Maywood Missionary Retreat next week in Hamilton, AL, preparing lessons for our soon departure for Guyana, South America, printing thousands of envelopes and labels for a World Evangelism mailing, and I am working on the next edition (May) of Gospel Gazette Online. There is never a dull moment!

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