Here We Go Again!

Friday, April 13, after a full day at the office, the highlight of which was finalizing our part of publishing the next issue of The Voice of Truth International magazine, Bonnie and I meandered up I-55 and across Mississippi 302 toward Collierville, TN. However, we paused at our favorite eatery for dead cow – Texas Roadhouse in Horn Lake; we picked Rebecca up at school and dined together before proceeding to her home – ever our bed and breakfast.

Some of my brain cells aren’t talking to each other anymore! At our daughter’s, I changed clothes and drug out the hedge trimmer I had brought from home; we were going to trim out a thicket of twisty vines in the backyard. Rebecca had just plugged in one of the extension cords that I had brought along, and I was about to plug the other end into the hedge trimmers. It turned out to be a very short exercise in futility – I had brought a battery operated hedge trimmer – without the battery, rather than an electric device. I think I have an electric hedge trimmer, but I haven’t looked to confirm that.

Saturday morning from Rebecca’s living room, I completed and published to the Internet the April issue of Gospel Gazette Online. After lunch, Bonnie and I pointed the Town & Country toward Batesville, AR – several hours westward. That night in the Best Western motel, I notified the nearly 1,300 subscribers to Gospel Gazette Online of the availability of the April edition.

Old Lock & DamWhile out over the weekend, we walked along a river, especially interested in the former lock and dam on the White River, now converted to production of electrical power. We snapped a picture or two of a NASCAR specimen in front of a Ford dealership on Sunday morning on the way to the meetinghouse. That afternoon, I noticed a strange city sign in Biggers, AR.

NascarSunday morning, I made my PowerPoint presentation Into All the World in 2011 during Bible class at the Southside Church of Christ. I preached Worshipping Almighty God Acceptably and with Godly Fear during worship. That evening, we had made our way to the Biggers, AR Church of Christ where I updated the congregation about our 2011 foreign mission trips.

Farm Equipment RouteHours later after battling stiff winds and sandstorms from gusts blasting across the surface of newly disked rice fields, Bonnie and I again arrive at our very own bed and breakfast. Whereas Friday night I met by request with a brother and discussed matters important to him, Monday morning, I was invited by still another preacher for a similar interchange.

Midway between breakfast and lunch times, heading toward Winona, Bonnie and I took refuge for brunch at Cracker Barrel. Pecan pancakes, hash brown casserole, crisp bacon and chocolate milk was the order of the day; mmmm!!!!! Having done all the damage we could do there, we headed for Lowe’s where we bought the materials for tiling the kitchen floor and counter. Previously, I had bought a book and read the applicable portions to my upcoming project, and then, I found a contractor – member of the church about two hours from Winona – who will do the work in May.

As soon as we get back to town, Bonnie and I must prepare a mailing to request brethren assist us financially, permitting us to accumulate the approximately $5,000 needed for a national seminar in Guyana the first week of June. We will be traveling to several areas to encourage and edify preachers, their wives and other church leaders. The wall calendar back in the office is heavily punctuated with appointments throughout the balance of the year, stateside and abroad. Even when we do not blog daily, the flurry of activity that drives our lives sometimes makes me dizzy – dizzy for the Lord, in His service, seeking His favor.

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