Bam! Bam! Bam! Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Booneville Church of ChristFriday, March 16th, 25 saints from the Booneville, MS Church of Christ descended on Winona, MS and congregated at the World Evangelism Building. They came to work for the Lord, howbeit, behind the scenes to the dissemination of the Gospel stateside and abroad through television, radio, Internet, the printed word, foreign Bible schools and overseas campaigns. Like ants, they divided the tasks among them and went full ahead to accomplishing every one of them. They prepared Betty Choate’s newsletter, assembled Paula Bates’ flashlight giveaways for when she is abroad next, packed boxes of books for overseas preachers, inventoried thousands of books, restocked tract supply racks and book supply racks from which we pull to fulfill requests daily and not the least of which unloaded seven pallets of books from a tractor-trailer and put them away in the warehouse. Altogether, they and we handled about 20,000 books – within an hour’s time! All that they did they were able to accomplish within four hours! We are always thankful for the help that brethren from time to time give us in Winona to help us do things that we five who are here daily cannot get done and keep up with the other demands of the work. There is more to do behind the scenes in the mission program known as World Evangelism than most people would imagine.

Booneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of ChristLouis and Bonnie RushmoreBooneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of ChristBooneville Church of Christ

Saturday, March 17th, our daughter Rebecca parted from us and headed back to her home in Collierville, TN, so that she could teach Bible class on the Lord’s Day. Bonnie and I armed the car with literature and luggage before heading for Huntsville, AL. Only 4½ hours of driving, and yet, it seemed to be a long journey that day. Upon arriving at the home of Patricia and Robert Gaffin plus their daughter Anna, we were treated to a delicious supper meal, attended also by one of the elders and his family and the preacher and his wife. Breakfast Sunday morning was no less super, and following worship, lunch was more of the same – great!

Map ClassBonnie and I attended Bible class and participated in worship Sunday morning with the Lincoln Church of Christ. At 1:00 p.m., I taught a map class in the auditorium for youngsters; it is amazing to see how quickly they can learn the Bible lands world – even duplicating the map of Palestine on a blank wall from memory! I presented my PowerPoint presentation Into All the World in 2011 for the 1:30 p.m. worship. The few books that we laid out for sale as well as the copies of The Voice of Truth International and Beverage Alcohol that we put out for free were gobbled up. One sister waited a whole year for our return to acquire a title she missed picking up when we were last there.

Sunday evening, it was my pleasure to deliver the same update of our 2011 mission trips abroad to the Winchester Road Church of Christ, also in Huntsville, AL. These brethren are dear to us, too, and it is apparent by their reception of us that we are dear to them as well. One of the elders observed that I talked very fast as I kept up with the pace of the automated transition of slides in the presentation.

Though offered lodging once more for the night in the Gaffin home, which we appreciated, Bonnie and I opted to trudge homeward so that we could make better use of the day on Monday. We arrived back at our Winona home at about a quarter to one Monday morning. I turned the steering wheel over to Bonnie the final 1½ hours or so; her dozing along the way as I drove enabled her to take her turn and expedite our arrival home.

Bam! Bam! Bam! – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day is populated with hustle and bustle, but some days outshine the rest.

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