Phase One of Kitchen Makeover is complete!

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Phase One of Kitchen Makeover is complete! Well for the most part; there are a few spots that we have revisited with crack filler and that will need either some white or light blue touch up with paint. The brown cabinets are now shiny white, and the wood paneled walls are now a light blue (nearly white for my slightly color deficient vision). Last, we accented the cupboards with bird mirrors. Compare the before and after pictures for yourself (“before” pics appeared weeks ago).

What an improvement in lighting! The dark cabinets and walls previously, accented with one porch shrouded window, made the kitchen a dismal cavern before the makeover. With the small lights over the sink, the stove and the side of a cabinet, the kitchen is nearly as light now as it was previously with the ceiling lights on, too. The kitchen is so much brighter now that one can fix cereal, for instance, in the morning without turning on a light – which was hardly possible before.

We upgraded the light above the sink. Remaining to do are the floor and the counter. We are planning to lay porcelain tile on the floor and possibly the countertop, too. Though I have muddled my way through many home projects over the years, laying this type of tile is new ground for Bonnie and me. Not a new house, but a makeover will be an improvement – for us as well as for the maintenance of the residence.

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