Winona Work Day

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What did you do with your Saturday? Today, 27 people, from kindergarten age through retired adults, worked about 4½ hours at the World Evangelism buildings in Winona, MS. They helped Jerry and Paula Bates and Louis and Bonnie Rushmore do what they cannot manage to do along with the daily activities of World Evangelism.

Literally, the teams visiting from the Collierville, TN Church of Christ and the Union, MS Church of Christ did in a matter of a few hours what would have taken the Winona bunch many days to complete. Four mailings were prepared, three for the USA and one for overseas. Boxes of books were packed for preachers abroad. Shrubbery in front of the building was cut back. A tract rack of bins was built and filled; tract box shelves were built and loaded. Two exterior lights were replaced. Pallets were custom cut to get books and packing material off the floor to protect from moisture. More labeling and entry into a computer database of archived printed material occurred, preparing for shrink wrapping and shelf storage. Shelving was cleaned and materials organized on the shelves. One of the warehouses was inventoried. The two youngest workers and an adult supervisor shredded old financial documents. Various other odd jobs were attended to as well.

One of the highlights of the day was lunch. Paula and Bonnie offered three homemade soups: chili, potato soup and vegetable soup, and they made four desserts. Bonnie made homemade bread. This was a wonderful opportunity for brethren who had never before met from congregations in two states to converse and enjoy a meal together.

Participation by brethren who drive great distances to help do the things we can’t get to is a great help to us and even greater encouragement. With all of us doing what we can, the churches of Christ can more likely accomplish good things for the Lord. This was an opportunity, too, for young and old to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes on toward the more visible activities related to mission work.

The Voice of Truth International is published quarterly and goes into about 80 countries in English plus several foreign languages and Braille. Global Harvest is published semi-annually, and it chronicles missionary activity by the churches of Christ. Gospel Gazette Online is published monthly on the Internet and is read worldwide. World Evangelism publishes about 350 books and tracts, which it ships stateside and around the planet. The Bates and the Rushmores travel thousands of miles monthly in the States, acquainting brethren with our mission work and presenting biblical lessons. In addition, they travel tens of thousands of miles abroad, teaching brethren, denominational people, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists and others.

Thank you to all who make possible what we do and to what we have dedicated our lives. May God bless you and us as well.

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