13-Year Anniversary!

Sunday, December 18, Bonnie and I plus our daughter Rebecca worshipped in the morning with the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, MS. I remember back when I first visited the congregation years ago. I tried repeatedly to find its location on different occasions, only to return to the house after a fruitless search. Only when I found someone who had visited it before and knew where it was well enough to give me directions did we finally locate it. The meetinghouse for the Old Union Church of Christ is nestled in the woods, only visible after traversing ribbons of clay cutting through the pine forests and seas of kudzu; the building itself sits at the terminus of its own quarter mile long little dirt road. The clearing in which the church building sits is populated as well with a church family and community cemetery, grave markers ancient and modern. The Old Union Church of Christ is one of the oldest congregations in the State of Mississippi.

As always, this time too, we were greeted warmly, and I was permitted to update the brethren during the 9:30 a.m. Bible class about our 2011 mission trips with a PowerPoint presentation. During the worship hour, I exhorted the congregation respecting the necessity of having awe and reverential fear for God especially while worshipping. Members commended the lesson and noted that biblical material of this sort needs to be presented in every congregation throughout the land (really, throughout the world).The church was generous toward us financially regarding our mission work, for which we are sincerely thankful.

Sunday evening, the three of us assembled with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. We usually convene with this congregation on Wednesday nights for Bible class. It was my pleasure to present again the PowerPoint Into All the World in 2011 about our mission work. Highlights of our recent 8-week mission trip to Myanmar (Burma), India and Sri Lanka included that combined Bonnie and I taught for nearly 200 hours to about 6,500 people; we taught Christians, Baptists, Christian Church, Methodists, Assembly of God, Buddhists, Hindus and Animists. Financial support from brethren in the States enabled us to leave funds in various nations for tens of thousands of tracts to be printed in eight foreign languages.

Any Church of Christ wishing to become better acquainted with our ministry of publishing Gospel literature and foreign missions may invite us to visit. We travel about 3,000 miles monthly by car in the United States and travel up to 50,000 miles annually by air abroad. I can be contacted at 662.739.3035 or rushmore@gospelgazette.com.

Gospel Gazette OnlineAfter returning home Sunday evening, from the comfort of our loveseat in the living room, I put the finishing touches on the December issue of Gospel Gazette Online (www.gospelgazette.com) and published it to the Internet. With this issue, we have completed 13 years of publication. Sometimes we wonder if it is making as much of an impact and is read as widely as necessary to warrant the time and expense. Then, someone corresponds with us to boost our morale and encourage us not to falter in its continued production. This resource remains free to users and in addition to each monthly edition, thousands of articles are archived, searchable with the site search engine. Give someone for whom you care a gift that will brighten their days and point them toward the heavenly horizon.

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