House Churches – in the Bible Way

Sunday, October 1, 2011 found Bonnie and me worshipping in the morning with the Lord’s church that assembles in the home of Sheila and Winsome in Yangon, Myanmar, which it has done for over 30 years now. Not permitted by the government to own meetinghouses and have public services, churches of Christ in Yangon and many other areas of Myanmar worship in homes – just like some of the churches about which one can read in the New Testament (Romans 16:3-5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15; Philemon 2). The number was small since the Hmawbi Bible School classes had not begun, some of which students would have attended worship in Yangon. There were Christian visitors, though, from Kalay. I taught and Philip translated. Sunday afternoon, we met for worship in the home of Esther, also in Yangon. Again, I taught and Philip translated.

 Sunday night, Bonnie and I redistributed our baggage and repacked our luggage for our Monday morning flight to Myitkyina, Myanmar. We left four suitcases in storage at the hotel in which we were lodging, and we took two computer briefcases and two checked bags with us to the airport. Accompanying us and serving as our translator, Amos and the two of us winged our way through the skies to the far, northeastern part of Myanmar – landing for fuel and exchange of passengers in Mandalay, Myanmar. A dozen days and three cities later, we were to return to Yangon, but for now, it was off with us to go places where we personally had never been before.

 As a side note, we were amused at the ingenuity and the entrepreneur spirit of one citizen past whom we walked in Yangon between the hotel and Winsome’s home. He had a bathroom scale on the sidewalk where he sat, and for a fee passersby could weigh themselves. Few people in Myanmar resort to begging for a livelihood, but nearly everyone is some level of businessman or businesswoman. One must admire the independent spirit that assumes a great deal of personal responsibility for his or her own sustenance; the citizens of many nations could learn a valuable less from the same.

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