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StuffThe picture accompanying this blog entry is of the stuff that we lug around to make presentations and offer published literature to brethren; this is a comparatively small contingent of stuff this time. I didn’t plan it this way, but notice the reflection in the doors of the meetinghouse; there I am snapping the picture, and our silver minivan appears behind me.

Sunday morning, Bonnie and I were pleased to worship once more with the East Memphis Church of Christ. A small congregation wanting to grow numerically, it is graced with some enthusiastic Christians. Robert Williams and his son Ruben serve as ministers at East Memphis.

For Bible class, I presented the PowerPoint Motivated by the Cross of Jesus, and for worship I preached What Is Jesus’ Plan for My Life? After services, several of the members expressed interest in some of the Bible-related books that we took along. Brother Robert and sister Helen Williams treated Bonnie and me to a pleasant and savory lunch at Chow Time.

Bonnie experienced somewhat of a wardrobe malfunction at East Memphis; her skirt split, revealing the underskirt or lining. With some time on our hands between Sunday appointments, we stopped at J.C. Penny’s in Horn Lake/Southaven, MS where we selected a couple of nice outfits for Bonnie. Fortunately, they were on sale, and they compliment and complement my dear wife more than the skirt that tore.

Next, we arrived in Charleston, MS for our evening appointment with the Charleston Church of Christ. Arriving early, we stopped at McDonalds – or tried to, but it was closing for the installation of new cash registers. There was a time when transactions could occur without computer aided devices, but not today!

Sunday evening, I presented Motivated by the Cross of Jesus. Robert Rawson preaches for the congregation; usually when I speak there, brother Rawson is away. This small congregation always receives us well and helps us financially in our mission work. To know these brethren as well as the support they offer us is heartening and enables us to do what we do.

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