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Visitors at World Evangelism (on another occasion)

Visitors at World Evangelism (another occasion)

Monday and Tuesday were visitor days with guests from Malawi, Georgia (USA) and India coming by the Winona office of World Evangelism. The Friday before, we met new friends and Christian brethren from northern Mississippi who, likewise, stopped by the office. In each of the cases, we gave the grand tour of the warehouse/office facilities and fed our sightseers. We provided them with their personal, empty cardboard boxes and pointed them toward the books; we have nearly 250 titles of books, about 80 tract and pamphlet titles, four issues of Global Harvest, 69 issues of The Voice of Truth International in English, and 8 issues of The Voice of Truth International in Spanish. In some instances, our visitors were lodged overnight in the home of Betty Choate and her mother Theola Burton. At other times, Jerry and Paul Bates as well as Bonnie and I lodge brethren in our homes, too. Besides these venues for lodging, we have an apartment at the warehouse/office at which we bed down guests who come to visit or work for a few days. Interest in what we do in the States and abroad that goes forth from Winona, MS heartens and encourages us. Thank you!

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