Ribbons of Asphalt Cutting through Seas of Defoliated Cotton

Cotton FieldSaturday, Bonnie and I sailed the ribbons of asphalt cutting through seas of defoliated cotton and the semis burdened with ripened, golden grain, corn pickers shooting the precious grain to them. We made our way from Winona, MS to Piedmont, AL to be with the Highway 9 Church of Christ Sunday morning for class (The Three Bears of Galatians 6) and worship (Motivated by the Cross of Jesus). Peggy and Bob Rogers are so good to us, and we have been there often enough, that we simply went to our room with our luggage – down the hall, last room on the right. Nothing compares to Christian hospitality!

Sunday evening, we worshipped with the Blackwater Macedonia Church of Christ near Jasper, AL. There are a lot of Central churches of Christ, North End and Eastside churches of Christ, but the moniker Blackwater Macedonia Church of Christ is both unique and has character. We were very well received, and I updated the congregation on our labors and represented the World Evangelism Team as I presented the PowerPoint Motivated by the Cross of Jesus. The late J.C. Choate and his wife Betty have been going to Blackwater Macedonia for several years, and they are fondly remembered.

Unusual but appreciated, we arrived home Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. Usually, we are fortunate to arrive home by midnight, and if we are far enough away, we will not get back to Winona until Monday. This is our life: 3,000 miles by car monthly primarily on weekends to congregations of the Lord’s church, working the warehouse and keeping the stream of published literature flowing by weekday, and traveling abroad up to 50,000 air miles annually. Bonnie and I are away from home about 45 to 50 weeks per year! It is a hectic pace, and for the most part, we would not have it any other way. Please pray for us that much good in the kingdom may result from our meager efforts.

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