Hauling Freight

The primary reason that Bonnie and I drive a van is that we haul a fair share of freight ourselves. Monday, we carried about 350 books two hours away to meet other team members who traveled nearly as far – for the explicit purpose of transferring the literature from us to them. Janet and Wayne Barrier met Bonnie and me in Tupelo, MS and passed to them books for the next occasion of the World Evangelism School of Missions, soon to begin at the Killen, AL Church of Christ. We enjoyed one another’s company over lunch, and then headed back to our respective corners. That evening, we had a meal at Betty Choate’s home with her mother Theola, and the Bates, prior to the Bates’ departure abroad shortly and our departure in about 30 days.

Sunday, Bonnie and I had traveled to the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS – our sponsoring congregation – for morning Bible class and worship. That evening, we worshipped with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. Monday, Jerry shipped out boxes of The Voice of Truth International in the mail, and Bonnie and I prepared individual copies of The Voice of Truth International for mailing on Wednesday. All of us worked diligently on preparing the next issue of The Voice of Truth International, plus a thousand other things, too. Each day is filled to the full and we never catch up! It’s good to be fully engulfed in Christian service!

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