Burying Our Dead along Our Route of Travel


Sunday evening July 31, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Courtland, MS Church of Christ. We were well received as I presented the PowerPoint lesson Motivated by the Cross; I spoke about our summer 2010 mission trip to Myanmar, our fall 2010 mission trip to Myanmar and India as well as our summer 2011 mission trip to Guyana, South America. We had been the recipients of a fifth Sunday contribution to help us make the Guyana trip.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we finished writing, printing and packaging our newsletter and mailed it at the local post office. I was also able to publish the August 2011 edition of Gospel Gazette Online. Then, notifications were dispatched through email for the electronic version of the Rushmore Newsletter and Gospel Gazette Online. It is far easier to summarize the doing of these activities than the hours and days required to accomplish the same.

Thursday and Friday were the days for the annual World Evangelism meeting in Winona. Several with whom we voluntarily cooperate in world missions spent the time fellowshipping, eating and discussing ways in which we can be more effective in the future for the Lord. Dennis and Sharon Larson were in from North Carolina, and Don and Sylvia Petty with a young lady Allison were in from Texas. L.T. and JoAn Gurganus attended from Alabama, as well as Janet and Wayne Barrier plus Joey and Jeremiah Barrier also from Alabama. Madolyn and Gene Gibson stopped by; the Larry Murdochs visited. Of course, the Winona bunch was present: Jerry and Paula Bates; Betty Choate; Bonnie and me.

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Saturday, Bonnie and I loaded the car with baggage, books, tracts and displays for our Sunday appointments in Decatur and Huntsville, AL. Bonnie’s mother was deathly sick, and we planned to travel to Pennsylvania to be with her following the Sunday evening appointment. After departing Pennsylvania, we knew that we would be going to Sevierville, TN for the Polishing the Pulpit program before returning to Winona. Saturday evening, we lodged in Decatur, ready for Bible class and morning worship with the Austinville Church of Christ.

Sunday morning, I presented Motivated by the Cross about our overseas missions to the auditorium Bible class. For worship, I preached What Is Jesus’ Plan for Me? The Austinville brethren are such great encouragers of Bonnie and me. Brother and sister Tim Hester graciously treated us to lunch before our departure to Huntsville. Sunday evening, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Farley Church of Christ where Paul Clements is the preacher. Once more we were greatly encouraged.

Following our leaving the Farley congregation, we began our journey to Pennsylvania to be with Bonnie’s mother one last time. We traveled for a few hours, crossing through Tennessee to Bowling Green, KY where we lodged for the night. However, Mary Reed passed away shortly after midnight, and we slept very little after receiving that mournful phone call. We had visited her in May, but we failed to arrive at her hospital bedside previous expiring. Monday was a somber trip of several hours.

The viewing will be Thursday, and the funeral will be Friday morning. I will be officiating at the service. It has been my lot over the years to lead the prayer for family gatherings and to bury the dead.

Saturday, we will drive to Sevierville, TN for Polishing the Pulpit. Bonnie and I are scheduled to teach children’s classes for several days in the program. Sunday, we have an appointment about an hour from Sevierville.

Amidst traveling and funeral preparations Bonnie worked on the next issue of The Voice of Truth International and I sent emails to various brethren abroad in preparation for the fall mission trips to Myanmar and India a few weeks from now. Oh, I left my phone charging cord in the motel in Bowling Green. Today, I lost my comb, too. Fortunately, my head is attached! Having traveled six states by automobile in three days, there is no telling in which state I would have left it.

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