What Does the Bible Say about Alcoholic Consumption?

Nettleton Church of ChristWednesday, June 22, Bonnie and I plus Rebecca headed to Jonesboro, AR. That evening I spoke to the Nettleton Church of Christ about Beverage Alcohol with my PowerPoint concerning the same subject; in addition, we made sure that each family had a copy of my book Beverage Alcohol available to it. Besides members, copies were left for a weekly substance abuse class taught at the meetinghouse. Through the generosity of brethren in Texas, we have been able to give away over 17,000 copies of the Beverage Alcohol book.

I am available to present lessons on Beverage Alcohol to congregations of the Lord’s church, and I have made numerous presentations in several states. Whether I come or not, a limited number of Beverage Alcohol books are available free for distribution, though we do request the shipping expenses if possible.

Nettleton Church of ChristThe Nettleton Church of Christ subscribes to and receives several cases of The Voice of Truth International magazine each quarter when it is published. I am one of the Editors of the journal, and Bonnie does the bulk of assembling the files into digital format. All of us at the Winona, MS office, of course, take our turn at trying to eradicate spelling errors and the most serious grammar infractions. Byron Nichols, the Editor, selects most of the articles that he desires to appear in each issue; his wife Gaye comprises his “office staff” in Springfield, MO where they reside.

Instead of traveling all the way back to Winona, MS from Jonesboro, AR after evening services, we lodged for the night at Rebecca’s Collierville, TN home. This was at least the second time that Rebecca came two hours south to our home in Winona, MS, only to pack a bag to layover in her own home as she accompanied us on one of our regional trips to visit churches of Christ. The first time, she found that awkward, but now she simply goes with the flow, so to speak.

On the way back to Winona, we did some necessary shopping, and we got the oil changed on the car. Most of our shopping occurs en route to some appointment or returning from some appointment. Once an elder was dumbstruck that on our way that very afternoon to an appointment where he was an elder we had the oil changed in the car and had the tires rotated. Bonnie’s ringtone is “On the Road Again,” which often aptly describes our days. When one’s life is frequently, “On the Road Again,” shopping, oil changes and tire rotation occurs along the route of travel!

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