The Other Days

Saturday, June 18, Bonnie and I devoted ourselves to more yard and home maintenance, despite the hot, hot, sweaty day. Bright and early, a workman arrived (after literally months of trying to get another fellow or him to actually show up to do the work) to install an outside water spigot; for nearly four years, we have run a water hose around the exterior of the house. That was especially a nuisance since the hose obstructed the opening and closing of a door on a shed affixed to the house.

Heavy winds a few days earlier littered our yard with tree debris. The pine trees are extremely messy, and they liter our yard with pine cones, branches and needles every time we have a storm of any degree. However, the severe winds, topping 70 mph, caused other trees to freely drop limbs and leaves everywhere; of course, the heavy winds caused the pine trees to give us more of their refuse than normal, too. We swept the yard with a riding lawnmower drawn rake, used a leaf blower and raked by hand until the landscape was presentable once more. I trimmed bushes with a newly acquired, battery operated hedge trimmer – making it easier to reach bushes far from an electrical outlet.

After we got cleaned up, Bonnie and I worked on our classes to be taught next month in Guyana, South America. That’s just a beginning, as we must put much more time into that before we will be ready. In addition, we continue to work on The Voice of Truth International so it can go to the printing company in early July. It is past time to work on the next issue of Gospel Gazette Online, and we need to work more on the upcoming issue of Global Harvest magazine.

Sunday morning, we drove to the Siwell Road Church of Christ meetinghouse in Jackson, MS. There, we attended a Bible class taught by Dale Ledbetter, one of the elders. We worshipped with the congregation in the next hour, at which time it was announced that Bonnie and I are placing our membership with the congregation. The Siwell Road Church of Christ assumes our oversight and sponsorship for our mission work officially on July 1. Mark Polk, one of the brethren with whom we will be working closely and Bonnie and I lunched together at a Mexican restaurant not far away.

Sunday evening, we plus Rebecca who had come to our house in the afternoon worshipped with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. When in town, we often attend there, especially for Wednesday evening Bible classes. This congregation is very mission-minded, too.

Days between travel and events are punctuated with working in the print shop at World Evangelism (e.g., binding books, printing envelopes and order forms, etc.) and daily duties to help keep the behind the scenes activities going that are so essential to the stateside travel and foreign mission work. Please remember us from time to time in your prayers.

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