Two-State Hop

Leaving Maywood Christian Camp (the annual Maywood Missionary Retreat) Saturday morning, Bonnie and I headed for Georgia and Florida for weekend speaking appointments. We had an eight-hour drive ahead of us (plus brief necessary stops) to Dasher, GA – just south of Valdosta. Our accommodations, courtesy of the Dasher Church of Christ, were superb, among the best we ever have anywhere at our disposal. Finding brethren at the meetinghouse Saturday night, we set up books, tracts, newsletters, etc.

Sunday morning, I presented the PowerPoint Motivated by the Cross in Bible class. During worship, I presented the PowerPoint Bible Archaeology. This congregation and some of its members help make our foreign mission work possible, including providing funding for the distribution of tracts and Bibles abroad in the respective languages of the peoples to whom Bonnie and I go.

Following worship and after Bonnie and I took lunch at Cracker Barrel, we pointed the car south along I-75. Next stop, Jacksonville, FL. We were wonderfully received by most of the members of the Chaffee Rd. Church of Christ, where I presented Motivated by the Cross. Karen and Mary Fox treated us to a superior fish supper at a local eatery; Mary Fox surrendered her master bedroom for Bonnie and me for a few nights. We have a Wednesday evening appointment with the Riverview Church of Christ, also in Jacksonville.

Over the next many days, appointments will take us to another location in Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Between stateside travel and overseas mission trips, we are on the road over 40 weekends annually. We may be coming to a congregation near you soon, and if not now scheduled, arrange a visit by contacting me:

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