April Issue of Gospel Gazette Online Ready for Use

Friday, April 15, I was finally able to get Gospel Gazette Online for April 2011 completed and uploaded to the Internet. Especially, Wednesday through Friday we concentrated on GGO (everything in our lives triage — that is, “What’s next?”). The icing on the cake was the audio lesson that brother Tim Childs got to me Friday afternoon; he does such a good job with both the content and the audible presentation.

In addition to the 27 articles over 15 pages in this issue, thousands of articles remain archived. The search engine will help readers select religious topics of interest. Two of the writers are new to the pages of Gospel Gazette Online, one of whom is 18-years-old. Please let us know how the articles and the site work for you. Tell others about www.gospelgazette.com. You may want to look at the new postings from several countries in the Guest Book. Go directly to the new issue at: http://www.gospelgazette.com/gazette/2011/apr/page1.html.

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