Close Encounters

Siwell Road Church of Christ, Jackson, MSSunday, April 10, Bonnie and I made our way to the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. Unusual for us, we were able to remain in Winona on Saturday since our Sunday destination was close enough for Sunday morning travel or otherwise, Close Encounters. During Bible class, I made the PowerPoint presentation Motivated by the Cross about our mission trips in 2010 to India and Myanmar. I probably should stop tossing those plastic bags of foreign coins into the audience; a number of circumstances could arise, not the least of which is collateral damage if my aim is off, someone doesn’t catch or someone else doesn’t duck! Of course, splattering coins from three nations all over the auditorium would be inconvenient, too. I do hope brethren appreciate the coins, Buddhist prayer beads and currency from five Asia nations that circulate from person to person while I make that presentation.

During worship, I made my PowerPoint presentation about Bible Archaeology; it is a faith reassuring lesson that shows that Bible believers have every reason for confidence in God’s revealed Word. Several found the lesson interesting since they had not heard a presentation like it before. Following a meeting with the elders and deacon over missions, Bonnie and I were treated to Chinese cuisine and hosted by W.E. and Judy Walker in their home for the afternoon.

Sunday evening, it was our pleasure to make our annual visit with the Clinton, MS Church of Christ. Some of these brethren we have known for decades, whereas others are fast becoming friends. After updating the congregation about our 2010 mission trips with my lesson Motivated by the Cross, John and Erin Allan (young preacher and his wife) plus their infant boy treated Bonnie and me to a fine meal at a local Mexican restaurant. We enjoyed each other’s company far beyond the duration of supper, but finally had to part company; Bonnie and I arrived back in Winona, MS around 11 p.m. – tired and ready to retire for the night, but pleased with the day the Lord had made for us (Psalm 118:24).

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