Four States Today

Lectureship DisplayBonnie and I awoke today in Knoxville, TN, where we have been since late Sunday night, attending the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions (ETSPM) lectureship. Warmly received by the faculty and students, we also renewed acquaintances and further developed relationships with brethren who at least have a passing interest in our world missions and publishing ministry. Bonnie and I set up and attended two tables – one World Evangelism table and one J.C. Choate/Louis Rushmore Publications table. We gave away hundreds of copies of Voice of Truth International magazine as well as numerous copies of the Global Harvest magazine and my Beverage Alcohol book. We sold some books, but Bonnie and I each gave away several titles to school of preaching students and their wives plus faculty. In addition, we sent cases of books and magazines by way of brother Tom Holland to the Nashville Bible School. We left an ample supply of tracts and magazines for use by the Karns Church of Christ, which hosts ETSPM.

 We closed out our displays and packed up midmorning on Wednesday so I could get back to Greenwood, MS to teach Bible class that evening. That is an eight-hour drive with little time to spare! In the process of traveling to West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, Bonnie and I traveled through parts of four states today: Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

 Bonnie’s ringtone on her cell phone is Willie Nelson singing On the Road Again. Initially, brethren laugh when they hear that, but then they say “Oh” and nod in understanding. We are – on the road, again!

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