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 Packed for the LectureshipFriday morning, March 4th Bonnie and I loaded the car at the house with clothes that we anticipated needing Saturday for the School of Missions, Sunday while away at speaking appointments and through Wednesday while at the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions lectures. (Not until days later, however, Bonnie realized that she forgot a day’s worth of hanging clothes! Remember my tie in a zip lock bag in the car to be opened in case of emergency? We just might need to invest in some more zip lock bags of various sizes.) Next, we stuffed into the van display material for World Evangelism and boxes of books for our appointments and the lectureship; wall to wall and nearly floor to ceiling, we kept everything in place with ratcheted straps so that it would not tip over or come to visit us up front if we had to stop suddenly. Had we picked up any hitchhikers, they would have had to cling to the luggage rack.

 Dennis LarsonWe rendezvoused with Dennis and Sharon Larson in Double Springs, AL for our lodging arraignments and to enjoy supper together. We and others congregated Saturday at the Double Springs, AL Church of Christ facilities for the monthly School of Missions seminar. On this occasion, there were two special treats for everyone in attendance. The long awaited Mission Training Manual just arrived from the printing company; it has been five years in careful preparation, besides being the most practical application and instruction manual for foreign missions of which I am aware. Coupled with that, brother Larson made an outstanding presentation by offering definitive and workable recommendations for effective overseas evangelism.

 Mission Training ManualThe World Evangelism School of Mission Training Manual curriculum was painstakingly developed over a period of two years. The next two years, the curriculum was thoroughly tested on World Evangelism team members and others who were invited to participate in this shakedown, out-of-the-box test run. Now, the first class hosted by a congregation is about to successfully complete the school curriculum. The procedure for preparation in world missions involves the Mission Training Manual plus augmentation of each class session with experienced missionary instruction. Though School of Mission sessions are conducted by World Evangelism Team members and hosted by various congregations, Mission Training Manual is extensive enough to be used effectively in congregations, schools of preaching and Bible colleges without World Evangelism Team members.

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