Good Time with Good Friends

Bob & Martha NolandFollowing the Freed Hardeman University Lectureship, our good friends, Bob and Martha Noland, came to visit us in Winona, MS for a few days. Friday evening our daughter, Rebecca, came down from Collierville, TN to visit with the Nolands (and us); she left for home Saturday so she can teach the classes to which she has obligated herself on Sundays at the Collierville Church of Christ. Sunday, we drug Bob and Martha with us on my speaking appointments in Mississippi. For the morning, we were with the Huntsville Church of Christ near French Camp, MS; there, I presented my Motivated by the Cross PowerPoint presentation about our overseas mission trips in 2010 (Bible class), and I preached my PowerPoint, Bible Archaeology, for the worship hour. Afterward, we enjoyed a potluck meal with the congregation; we always find the Huntsville brethren very friendly. We may do some physical work together soon at the World Evangelism Building in Winona, MS.

Louis & Bonnie RushmoreAfter a couple hours rest stop at our home in Winona, we headed for Batesville, MS where I was to speak about mission work for their evening service. Apparently, we didn’t leave the house as soon as we needed so we could arrive ahead of time to make ready for the PowerPoint presentation and set out literature. Not only were we running later than we wanted to be, but I forgot where the meetinghouse was located. That error on my part had us arriving five minutes before the worship hour was to begin. Everything worked out satisfactorily, though. To my surprise, the Batesville Church of Christ was having its monthly potluck meal following evening services. What is the likelihood of stopping in on two congregations on the same day and enjoying a potluck dinner with each of them? At the latter congregation, I was accused (in jest) of planning it that way!

Between appointments and after returning that evening to Winona, I worked on the February issue of Gospel Gazette Online. I have been running late with GGO since our overseas travels in the fall of 2010. Maybe I can catch it up this month.

Louis & Bonnie Rushmore

Bonnie didn't want me to post this one!

Monday, after doing some necessary work at the office (i.e., providing volume 67 of The Voice of Truth International computer files to brethren in India for printing there, helping prepare nearly 20 packages for shipment stateside and abroad, taking the packages and their customs forms to the Post Office), the Nolands and we headed for Jackson, MS for a pleasant meal together and to do some necessary shopping for things unavailable in Winona. We opted according to Bonnie’s suggestion earlier to eat at the Cock of the Walk overlooking a reservoir into which the Pearl River flows. The rustic surroundings of the log house restaurant was complemented by eating from pie tins and drinking from tin cups. We feasted on catfish fillets, corn bread in iron skillets, cole slaw, french fries, hush puppies and fried pickles. Everything was delicious, and the service was outstanding! The weather was a pleasant 70 degrees and sunny. What could be better than good health, good weather, good friends and good food, that is, this side of eternity? Surely, a good time was had by all! It didn’t hurt that Bob and Martha insisted on buying our meals (over our protest, for after all, it was Valentine’s Day, and I ought to have bought Bonnie’s meal). Not infrequently, though, when we invite someone out to eat, they end up buying our meals. Anyone care to be invited by Bonnie and me out to dinner somewhere?

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