What a Surprise to Mississippi Kudzu!

Wednesday, February 9th, afternoon through the night bowed to another Mississippi snow squall. Bonnie and I took Thursday as our second self-imposed snow day this season. Of course, even this winter weather is spotty and less intense than winter weather elsewhere throughout the States. Yet, unpredictable, far-flung ice, snow, frigid temperatures and hefty winds have buffeted most of the Continental United States in 2011. (I don’t know how much more of this global warming I can stand!) Doubtless, additional to southern residents, Mississippi Kudzu was no less surprised to find something that could outstrip even its stretch and the rapidity with which it covers anything that doesn’t move fast enough. Notice a few pictures snapped from the comfort of our Winona, MS home through the windows. The photo out our bedroom window looks a bumper crop of cotton down here in the land of cotton. Decades ago when I first heard that Persian rulers maintained summer and winter palaces, I have thought that would fit me perfectly; I hate cold, and I hate hot, humid weather. Alas, we have never decided where to go or not go on God’s green earth based on personal preferences. Bonnie and my determination to serve our Lord has taken and continues to take us across the globe. 

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