Dragging Ourselves into the 21st Century!

Bonnie & Louis Rushmore ~ India, 2008

Bonnie & Louis Rushmore ~ India, 2008

January 2010 with ample misgivings, we stumbled into blogging by starting a little text and picture diary of our travels and trials. We placed it on our main site for Gospel Gazette Online. I thought that it might prove to be a value-added feature to our longstanding religious Internet magazine. In addition, it chronicled the behind the scenes activities associated with our extensive stateside and overseas travels, missionary work and publishing Gospel literature. Interaction with countless souls in the United States and other countries lent itself to some colorful and interesting pictures. I feared, even as I do now, that a blog would rob me of precious time needed for other important, daily matters – and perhaps it has just a little. To my surprise, though, I found the exercise somewhat therapeutic and otherwise desirous. Bonnie and I only hope that others beyond ourselves have benefited from the enterprise; we know that some have enjoyed our blog because several have told us so.

Now in 2011, we venture just a little further beyond our technological comfort zone into the realm of a professional blog site and software. Learning curves increasingly are becoming my enemies! Bonnie and I want to apprise friends and supporters of our ongoing application of ourselves in the cause of Christ to which we have devoted ourselves, and in which many also journey with us through their moral encouragement or financial participation. It wasn’t too long ago while making a PowerPoint presentation somewhere when I uttered something like, “I hate technology, I love technology, I hate technology, I love technology…”

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